8 Great Manhattan Baby Shops

Our updated 2016 list of the best spots to buy baby gifts in Manhattan.

You probably never realized women were allowed to live on the island of Manhattan during pregnancy…until your pregnancy test turned positive. And then suddenly every woman in a half block radius had a belly poking out from beneath her coat. Hooray, you’re not alone! Now, more than ever, families are deciding to stay put when baby’s on the way and raise their great families in this great city. Can you blame them?

And just like every neighborhood has their own unique mommy listserv, every neighborhood also has its own unique baby shop. Not because you really need that much baby stuff, but because its a lot more fun to shop for this tiny human you’ve never met than it ever was shopping for new shoes. Okay, maybe not more, but at least equal, and that is some serious fun.

Here are the 8 baby shops we’re currently digging in Manhattan. And check out our recommendations in Brooklyn too!

Got a favorite Manhattan baby shop? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  1. Albee Baby on the UWS is the best. It’s like having your own private Amazon. Their prices stack up, they’re beyond knowledgeable (they are THE place to score the hottest new stroller and they’ll put it together) and they have so many cute gifts. Albee’s been around forever for good reason!


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