Valerie Lynn

About Valerie Lynn

Valerie Lynn America’s First Post-Pregnancy Wellness Coach, a Traditional Postpartum Scholar, Author of The Mommy Plan, and Creator of The New Mommy Wellness Kit. The NMWK is the first all natural, comprehensive recuperation program for women to follow after child birth within the first 30 days resulting in a strong healthy recovery. Valerie has lived, worked and studied around the world with 16 years spent in Asia returning to the US in 2013. She is on the governing boards of the After Birth Project, the International Maternity Institute, and is the International Country Co-coordinator of Malaysia for Postpartum Support International (PSI). Valerie is a lover of all things Asian and is a Patron Member of the Asian Society. She also loves champagne, flowers, horse-riding, music and good food, Valerie lives it up with her son Jordan in Brooklyn. For information, training, and speaking engagements please visit Post-Pregnancy Wellness,