Best Prenatal Massages in NYC

7 of the best local spots for pregnancy pampering.

Moms, it’s time to relax. You’ve earned it! While watching your belly expand before your eyes, odds are that your shoulders are tight and tense, your lower back is aching or those poor feet are begging for some love (hopefully not all of the above!). Enter the prenatal massage and the greatest city to get one in: NYC! We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite spots around town to lie back and be pampered for an hour or two.

But first, a few pointers before you go:

  • Most doctors advise delaying prenatal massages until you are in your second trimester as there are specific pressure points that could disrupt that tiny little baby in the early days of pregnancy. Be sure you hold off or better yet, check with your OB or midwife before scheduling.
  • Some prenatal massages feature a table with a pillow or net for your growing belly while others will set you up with a pillow while you lie on your side. Which do you think you would prefer? Be sure to ask before making an appointment so you can relax and enjoy in comfort.
  • Many prenatal massages include light, soothing strokes rather than deep tissue work. If it takes real force for you to relax, mention it to the receptionist when you call and see if any of the therapists are able to accommodate you. If not, look elsewhere (or savor the quiet time to relax and schedule that swedish massage for postpartum).

Don’t put this appointment off for another second (think of it as something for the baby)!

1. Exhale Spa
Still hitting the barre for your pre-baby workouts? Good on you! Wrap up one of those thigh-burning sessions with a laid back stretch known for improving circulation and reducing swelling in your hands and feet.

2. Graceful Services
While the decor leaves much to be desired (think of this as a step up from those quickie massage stops on your block), the price is right and you’ll leave feeling relaxed and restored.

3. Medical Massage
Ranked as one of the best prenatal massages by New York Magazine, Medical Massage is a must for any pregnant mommas in or near the Upper East Side. Ask for Molly if you’re hoping for a deep, intense stretch and be sure to look into their early bird discounted pricing if you’re able to schedule in the AM.

4. Sage Brooklyn
For our Brooklyn-based moms, Sage is a great option for holistic-oriented services. Their 40 Weeks and Waiting massage is known to induce labor once the time is right (we have their number on speed dial just in case).

5. Edamame Maternity Spa
Shop at Destination Maternity for some comfy and cute clothes (be sure to check out their designer collabs!) and receive a coupon to use at their midtown-based Edamame Spa. Talk about a lunch break!

6. Simone Burgos
We have friends who sing the praises of Mayan abdominal massage during pregnancy (known to restore the blood flow and energy in your core as all those organs shift) and although we haven’t yet indulged, it’s next on our list. Simone is a fave and she can be found at various locations in Queens and Manhattan throughout the week.

7. Trump Soho
Looking for super luxe? Treat yourself to a whole day at Trump Soho and bring along your partner or pals for an amazing experience whether you’re carrying a 6 pound babe or just looking to restore that cramp in your neck from too much computer time.

Liz Kerins Pacheco

Liz Kerins Pacheco

Liz Kerins Pacheco is the former Kids Shop Buyer for and a freelance writer who is passionate about great design for babies, kids, moms and dads. She lives with her husband on the Upper East Side and calls herself a proud auntie, happy New Yorker and jelly bean fanatic.

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