Even Supermoms Take Naps

5 stories everyone in your mom group is talking about.

Mothers. We are strong and powerful. We love unconditionally; we birth babies; we raise families, run errands and keep a smooth running household. And, low and behold, we work. Yes, mothers are multitasking queens, and they deserve a little praise. So from Target’s new “Strong Like Mom” shirt to supermom Chrissy Teigen taking a nap in the middle of the Oscar ceremony, here are 5 stories that celebrate how tough all moms are.

1. Does the expression “You throw like a girl” drive you crazy? If so, Target’s new and super cool kid shirt will brighten up your day. The t-shirt, which is part of Cat & Jack’s new line, reads “Strong Like Mom” across the front, challenging the gender normative “truck and dinosaur for boys, ponies and flowers for girls” aesthetics we often find in kid’s clothing. And guess what? It even comes in a onesie for our littlest ones. Go get yours, and check out #stronglikemom on Instagram. 

2. Two weeks. That’s how long Jessica Grose, Lenny Letter editor-in-chief, had to wait between a bad sonogram and the end of her pregnancy. In this article, she shares her journey and the strength it took for her to overcome it.

3. Have you ever fallen asleep in the middle of dinner or at a gathering with friends? Us too, and that’s okay. Many moms are sleep deprived and need a little impromptu power nap to get going. Need proof? Chrissy Teigen took a little mid-Oscar siesta during Casey Affleck’s speech. Stars… They’re just like us: strong and exhausted.

4. Spotted: Lonely Boy, no more. Penn Badgley and Domino Kirke tied the knot at the Brooklyn courthouse last weekend! Badgley is the lead singer of the band Mothxr (pronounced “Mother”); and Kirke, sister of Girls star Jemima Kirke, is a singer and a birth doula goddess. Talk about the perfect match.

5. Every strong mama needs to push the reset button at times, and for that, a little pampering can do wonders. Rooted in the healing power of touch and with a mix of facial massage, exercise and acupuncture, Face Love offers just that and more. So if you feel like you need to get your mama groove back (or just want to get some quality me-time), join them at their Tenoverten pop-up event in March for a little nail and facial session — safe for expecting and nursing moms. Get your discount here.

Stephanie Malangone

Stephanie Malagone is a college senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology. While she doesn’t have any children of her own, she’s passionate about women’s rights and children’s fashion. She’s currently the editorial intern at WRNY.

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