Faking the Glow: Skin

The Pregnant Beauty Guide lends a few tricks to get back that “glow” morning sickness has taken away.

I might’ve looked a bit flushed after a morning of trying not to throw up, but otherwise the “glow” everyone talks about totally eluded me during my pregnancy. So here are my top “fakers” – think of them as a maternity wardrobe for your skin.

Grace Timothy

Grace Timothy

Grace Timothy is a beauty and lifestyle writer, whose work has featured in VOGUE, Red, Glamour, Company, The Times, Tank, Zest, Men’s Health and Plastique amongst others, as well as online at Style.com, VanityFair.com and WMagazine.com. She is the editor of WWW.THEPREGNANTBEAUTYGUIDE.COM and is working on the book of the same title.

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