Fashionably Fit

Workout attire that will expand with your belly while you remain fit.

Pregnancy has the potential to turn any pre-pregnant fashionista into a sweatpants and baggy shirt type of woman, especially when it’s time to get your workout on. Bloated tummy, inflated bum, swelling feet, sensitive chest…all of these pregnancy symptoms are likely unfamiliar and definitely unwelcomed. But being pregnant doesn’t mean you’re locked into a sartorial disaster. Below is some bump-accommodating workout attire that should motivate you to stay active while feeling comfortable, chic, and most importantly, fit. Better yet, each product is designed with an accommodating fit during pregnancy and after, preventing you from spending money on workout gear only used for the short (but feels like forever) time you’re pregnant.

Jessica Watkins

Jessica Watkins

Jessica Watkins is a certified personal trainer, fitness instructor and freelance writer who takes pride in helping others look and feel their very best. Until two weeks prior to having her little girl in 2011, who will soon be a big sister, Jessica hopped all over New York City training clients of young and old, male and female, pre-pregnancy, post-pregnancy and everything in between. But after having her little “diva,” she has a special bond with moms looking to feel fit and fabulous!

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