Happiest Baby’s Snoo Smart Sleeper


We know, we know. You brought your beautiful baby home from the hospital, only to find that they don’t have the same healthy respect for a full night’s sleep than you do. In fact, they don’t seem to sleep at all — at least, not more than twenty minutes at a time.

You want what most new parents want — to take care of your new little one, develop that close bond, and maybe get a little sleep (and snacks, lots of snacks). We know the struggle, which is why we partnered with Happiest Baby to give away a SNOO smart bassinet to one of our readers!

The expert and pediatrician behind the “Happiest Baby on the Block,” Dr. Harvey Karp, has designed a new innovation to help you get just that. Many parents are familiar with Dr. Karp and his 5 Ss (swaddle, side, shush, swing and suck). Well, he’s bringing a sixth “s” to the mix. The SNOO smart bassinet has read the book, too, and if your baby is fussing, it will provide movement and soothing noises to help put baby back to sleep.

Being designed by a pediatrician, this bassinet isn’t just handy, it’s safe too. It features breathable mesh sides and a built-in sleep sack to prevent baby from rolling over. Additionally, it’s just the right size to put in your bedroom, keeping in line with the AAP recommendations to room-share with your infant while still keeping them on a separate, safe surface. Of course, genius comes at a price, but more sleep for everyone is probably worth the initial investment.

Convinced? Ready for an extra pair of hands and a better night’s sleep? Here’s your chance to win a SNOO smart bassinet (worth $1,160)! Enter below!

SNOO Smart Sleeper

Allaya Cooks-Campbell

Allaya Cooks-Campbell

Allaya Cooks-Campbell is the mother of an adorable newborn and step-mommy to two gorgeous tweens. She works very hard to keep her children from developing her sense of humor. An avid yogi, gamer and novelist, Allaya lives in New York with her husband, Damany. You can find her exploring motherhood at babydroppings.com.

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  1. Great

  2. Hoping to win this for my sweet little girl due in 9 weeks!!!!

    Rachel White
  3. In love and would really want to win

    Tara G
  4. This would really help with my granddaughter born end of last year.

    Karin Untig
  5. Ahh Best giveaway!!! I have been wanting one of these!

    Lacy J Bennett
  6. Would love to have this!

    Kalterina Osmani
  7. Lets go for it!

    Jose M
  8. Sleep is a necessity NOT a luxury. NEED!

    Sydney Gilbert
  9. My grandson would absolutely love it!

    Renae Ingersoll
  10. I would love to gift this to my sweet friend who is expecting!

    Andrea Rust
  11. This is awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  12. I’d love to win this for my soon-to-be grandson

    Pat Battles
  13. Would absolutely ❤❤ this! Just adopted a beautiful baby girl and this looks incredible!!

    Laura Lust
  14. Does it come in an adult size?

  15. Beautiful!!! Would love this for my great niece.

    Debbie Watson
  16. Wish they had this when my children were infants

  17. Praying for a win!

  18. With all the other gear I need to buy as a first-timer, I’d love to win this gem!

  19. Lovely

    Gina Tompkins
  20. Hopefully praying to win this bad boy, so momma can get more than two hours of sleep.


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