Homecoming Day

Let your baby ride in style on the journey from hospital to home.

Most moms go through the first few post-birth hospital days alternating between a blur of wonder at how much they love their newborn and bewilderment at how they’ll care for the tiny baby. But with a little prep new mamas can have clarity on one thing: what the baby will wear on the big homecoming day. You’ll want the softest cotton, some breathing room for your baby’s sensitive skin (especially the belly button) and, of course, a hat for that sweet-smelling baby head. Here are some seriously adorable “Take Me Home” sets for your most memorable day, and baby’s first big photo opportunity — outfits you’ll most likely put on your new little bundle again and again.

Heather Stone

Heather Stone

Heather Stone loves rediscovering the city through the eyes of her toddlers, Jack and Penelope. She has lived in Nolita, Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens, the East Village and Williamsburg, and currently calls Larchmont home. Taking a break from being a lawyer, she is now an Associate Broker at Julia B. Fee Sotheby's in Larchmont. But her biggest and most important job is being a mom.

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