Labor Inducing Food Drive

NYC’s 3 best spots for labor inducing food.

Birth stories come in all forms. And while it’s always fascinating to find out how that miraculous moment transpires for new mamas, that small window right before the big day can be just as fascinating. The road to labor. Whether you’re of the mama set that’s “ready to get this baby out” before the due date is within reach, or at the end of your “ this baby has decided to take permanent residency in the womb until college” rope, you may find yourself wondering how to induce labor at one point or another.

The “expert” advice you’ll get from everyone and their mother for inducing labor includes everything from long walks to sex to acupuncture to even castor oil. Gulp. And while all those are worth a try (except maybe the castor oil), our favorite advice to shell out? EATS. But not just any eats. The best eats around town.

We recently took one of our favorite (and hungry) pregnant mamas to follow on instagram, Adriana Aldridge, along for a pregnancy food tour in a 2017 Ford Escape. We hit 3 different NYC food spots in 3 different boroughs to taste test some famous dishes we’ve heard so much about that just so happen to be labor inducing as well. Equipped with cool features like auto-maneuver, which obviously came in handy when parallel parking on NYC streets, in the new Escape (and some big appetites on team Well Rounded) we found 3 of the best spots for labor-inducing food around. We’re super confident you’ll want to eat them over and over again until baby arrives. And who are we kidding? Way after too. Check ‘em out.

ford_feat1Eggplant Stop: Mike’s Deli
Where: 2344 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY
Labor Inducing Food: Eggplant Parmesan
Why: This Italian-American classic is layered to perfection, the cheese it toasted in just the right spots and oozes mozzarella goodness with every forkful you take. It’s the eggplant that will get the labor juices going though.
Insider Secret: The owner of Mike’s Deli, David Greco, loves pregnant women! No really, he told us. Touch your belly and push it out to get a little extra love with your food.

ford_feat2ford_feat5Spicy Stop: SriPraPhai
Where: 64-13 39th Ave, Woodside, NY
Labor Inducing Food: Drunken Noodles and Green Curry
Why: If you can handle the heat, this is the place you’ll want to end up. The simple composition of noodles, meat, basil and a punch of spice is the perfect food to satisfy your taste buds and get that baby moving.
Insider Secret: While we know Queens is the place to go for authentic eats, we know it can sound intimidating to others. It’s a quick ride off the 7 from midtown and if you choose to drive, there’s sweet parking nearby.


ford_feat7ford_feat9Pineapple Stop: Summers
Where: 155 S 4th St, Williamsburg, NY
Labor Inducing Food: Pineapple Juice
Why: No matter what time of year, stepping into Summers makes us feel like we’re on a mini vacation. Especially when getting a fresh juice blended right before your very eyes. Order the Pineapple to show baby the exit route and make sure to get one of their egg sandwiches (one of the best in the city) or a delicious corn flake blueberry muffin by Ovenly on the side.

ford_feat8ford_feat10Photography by Lauren Crew.

*Adriana was not full term and only did a tasting of each of the dishes the day we photographed this story so (thankfully) did not go into labor after this day!
*This post was sponsored by Ford.

Kaity Velez

Kaity Velez

KAITY VELEZ is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Well Rounded. Kaity is a former menswear editor who cannot believe she was ever scared of being a mom. Currently residing with her toddler and fiancé in her beloved Brooklyn, she is kept in a constant state of awe by her two little guys. You can often track her down at her local pie shop working on anything pregnancy and new mom-related. And trying to not to eat pie. At least not too much of it.

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