Pregnancy Fashion: Contemporary Dresses

No need for maternity with these pregnancy-friendly picks.

Contemporary Dresses for Pregnancy

Dresses are the quintessential, no-brainer fashion item when expecting. Not only are they a complete outfit in one, and can adjust to your changing body with the right fit, but they also cut your morning routine in half. And keep things easy (who doesn’t love that!?). Instead of limiting your shopping choices to styles designated for baby-bumps only, there are a plethora of contemporary silhouettes that work pre-, during and post-pregnancy. 

Key objectives to consider are:

  • Fabric: Go for flexible fabrics with stretch such as spandex, cotton or lycra to accommodate your changing shape.
  • Length: Choose knee length styles (or longer) which will slowly creep up as your belly begins to emerge.
  • Color: Dark colors like black, grey, navy and hunter green create the illusion of a slimmer silhouette and will help to conceal your belly button when/if it pops.
  • Shape: A clean, basic shape without defined seams won’t limit you as your breasts and belly become larger.

Here’s some of our fall faves, pictured above:
1- AQ/AQ Spark Dress, $220 // 2. Opening Ceremony Felted Zipper Dress, $440 (similar style) // 3. LA’T by L’AGENCE Sleeveless Drape Dress, $235 // 4. Derek Lam 10 Crosby 10 Tunic Patchwork Sweater Dress, $395 // 5. Rodebjer Art Shirtdress, $390 // 6. ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo Long Sweatshirt Dress, $195 // 7. Oak Long Drop Shoulder Dress, $98


Jenny Greenstein

Jenny Greenstein

Jenny Greenstein is a NYC-based personal stylist, and founder of the lifestyle blog, Your Soul Style: a platform where style meets mindfulness. Fancying herself a stylemaker from the inside out, Jenny's philosophy stands behind using style as a vehicle to empower women, and always returns to the foundation that feeling your best lies in being true to yourself. She currently resides in New York City where she works with clients through style coaching, closet cleanses and personal styling sessions. Jenny is eternally grateful to live what she loves, while aiming to inspire others along the way. Stay connected with her via Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

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