Push Presents: Birthstones

13 gems that will bring an extra sparkle to this momentous occasion.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your own birthstone or worn in honor of the little one you are expecting, these gems will serve as precious keepsakes with deep-rooted meaning to celebrate a significant occasion.

Jenni Lee

Jenni Lee

Stylist JenniLee’s passion truly lies in evoking emotion through style. She has worked with internationally renowned brands such as Harper’s Bazaar, Bloomingdale’s, Atlantic Records and Sony. Jenni Lee has collaborated with top tier celebrities, photographers and creative directors for television, advertising, print and online media. She credits her adventurous and eclectic style to her Nana Kitty who introduced her to thrift stores and taught her everything about silhouettes and fabrics. JenniLee is a Brooklyn girl at heart but has recently relocated to sunny Los Angeles and is trying to adjust to a laid back lifestyle.

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