The Pregnant Beauty Guide Picks: Baby Body Wash

Grace Timothy put her sensitive skin on the line before choosing the best for her baby.

Here’s a little secret: you don’t need any products for washing your baby for at least the first month — water alone will do the trick. But once the neck crevices start to attract milk and the nappies get really…interesting, you might want to consider a gentle body wash. I tested a few by washing my face with them — my super-sensitive skin would surely show up any potential irritants before I lathered it up on my girl. Here are the three baby body washes that passed the test.

Grace Timothy

Grace Timothy

Grace Timothy is a beauty and lifestyle writer, whose work has featured in VOGUE, Red, Glamour, Company, The Times, Tank, Zest, Men’s Health and Plastique amongst others, as well as online at, and She is the editor of WWW.THEPREGNANTBEAUTYGUIDE.COM and is working on the book of the same title.

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