Winter Baby Essentials (Closed)

From riding the subway to hanging in your living room, here’s all your winter essentials for baby.

Winter is coming, and if there’s one advice we can give you, it’s this: start prepping for the season now! But…before you head to the store for your winter essentials, know that baby loses heat much faster than you do. And since you are the one doing all the walking while baby just lays there, dress him as you do, but with an extra layer – a AAP rule of thumb to ensure that your little stays cozy without overheating. To keep baby comfortable at home, remove extra layers and hats, and make sure that the room temperature remains at a comfortable 68 to 72 degrees.

Now that you’ve got the winter basics down, it’s time to get into (winter) gear. And it should take just a little bit of fluff and a lot of layering to get baby through the wintry weather without a meltdown. There are so many options out there, so if you feel a little overwhelmed, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered! Whether you plan on being a happy indoors mama or venturing the great outdoors, we’ve sorted through some of the newest and greatest cold-weather staples to help you winterize baby’s wardrobe before this year’s first snow.

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1. All-Day Outing with the Stroller:
Are you planning on strolling through the city for the better part of the season? Keep baby toasty by adding warm, puffy layers over his knitwear. Don’t forget to accessorize: mittens, booties and a hat will add a nice layer of warmth to protect baby from wind and freezing temps. Don’t let a bad case of the vanishing glove get in the way of your long and relaxing winter walks: hand warmers that attach to your stroller bar will keep your mitts (and wrists) cozy while making it easy to tend to your child’s needs.

Out and About with Baby

Clockwise from top left: 7A.M. Enfant, Polar WarMMuffs: $44; Mini Rodini, Puff Overall: $174; MimiTENS, mittens and booties: $23 and $29.95; Skip Hop, Stroll & Go Three Season Footmuff: $80; Egg by Susan Lazar, Cable Knit Layette: $70; Zutano, Cozie Shaggy Baby Hat: $24.50.

2. City Commute with a Baby Carrier:
Even in the winter, a city commute can get sweaty – especially when you get on a crowded subway or carry baby around. So lose the snowsuit and up your layering game with thin, cozy clothes that you can peel off as needed. Opt for a carrier or stroller cover that you can snap on and off very easily. Here are our top picks:

baby carrier winter outfit

Clockwise from top left: Oeuf, Footie Jumper: $60; 7A.M. Enfant, Pookie Poncho Classic: $118; Misha & Puff, Pointy Peak Hat: $58; Zara, Organic Cotton Sweatshirt: $19.90; Misha & Puff, Safe Harbor Mittens: $38; Gap, Sherpa Footed Bear One-Piece: $39.95.

3. Car Ride with the Car Seat:
If you’re getting baby ready for a car ride, forget about all the winter fluff. Thickness doesn’t always mean warmer, and it may actually get in the way of his safety. Choose a car seat cover that goes over baby’s seatbelt and that doesn’t add any fabric between his body and the car seat. For extra warmth, pile on several layers of clothes that are thin enough for the harness straps to remain snug to baby’s actual body.

Winter Baby in the Car

Clockwise from top left: Zutano, Cozie Booties: $21; Polarn O. Pyret, Merino Wool Romper: $59; Burt’s Bees Baby, Solid Footed Tights: $5.06; JJ Cole Collections, Car Seat Cover: $29.99; Old Navy, Bodysuit 3-Pack: $13.

4. At Home:
Once at home, you can (and should) keep on layering. But why not do it in style? Tuck a long-sleeve bodysuit under a two-piece loungewear, and put socks and wool booties on your little’s tootsies to keep them extra toasty. Time for bed? Swaddle him up in a blanket or (if he’s not keen on sleeping burrito-style) slip him in a slightly quilted sleep sack. Remember: if baby is sweaty or if his chest feels hot to the touch, he may be overheating. So adjust the layers under his sleepwear accordingly.

Winter Baby Fashion

Clockwise from top left: Aden + Anais, Classic Swaddles 4-pack: $49.95; Goat-Milk Kidware, Long-Sleeve Bodysuit: $35; Oeuf, Sock Booties: $60; KidWild Collective, Organic Baby Sleeping Bag: $52; NUNUNU, Star Loungewear: $76; Etiquette Clothiers, Etiquette x Barneys Bundle: $44.

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Charlene Petitjean-Barkulis

Charlene Petitjean-Barkulis

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