THIS Is Baby Food!

And 5 things your mom group’s talking about this week.

As I’m getting ready to give birth to a tiny human, I’m trying to tune out all the scary stories about women giving birth at grocery stores or, you know, my sister-in-law delivering in the car, on her way to the hospital… (*insert “monkey covering ears” emoji here). That means listening to my hypnobirth affirmation tapes (my baby is the perfect side for my body, and my body knows how to birth my baby, right?), pretending that my due date is NOT fast approaching, and distracting myself by surfing the web for some cool Father’s Day gifts and all sorts of pregnancy and parenting news we, mamas, should all know about. Here’s what I stumbled upon and what your mom group is talking about this week.

1. Hey NYC mama! Well Rounded is treating you and baby to a couple hours of love. Join us and other new mamas for an event filled with delicious, healthful snacks, wellness workshops and indulgent pampering. RSVP here, and don’t forget to #BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby).

2. Baby caring comes with a whole lot of stuff, so let dad share the load, in style. Fawn Design joined forces with Pask Goods to create their Fawn Design Pack, a more masculine bag that has all the features you need in a diaper bag. This will for sure be a hit for Father’s Day.

3. Want to immortalize baby’s growth in timelapse form? Now it’s possible with Baby2Body’s new app, Take2Day. It lets you transform your daily baby and bump pictures in time-lapse videos. Download the app here.  

4. We all know that newborns love looking at mom’s and dad’s faces. But what if that preference actually started in the womb? New research suggests that babies recognize and react to facial features before they’re even born. Pretty amazing, huh? Read on here.

5. No more sugar-loaded squeeze pouches from the supermarket — your wee one deserves more. Yumi, which just launched this week, offers meal plans that grow with baby’s nutritional needs and that are made from fresh, organic ingredients. The best part? All of that yummy food gets delivered right to your door. Check out the menu and see if it’s available near you.

Charlene Petitjean-Barkulis

Charlene Petitjean-Barkulis

CHARLENE PETITJEAN-BARKULIS is the managing editor of Well Rounded. She's a French expat, Brooklyn-based writer and mama to Arthur and Leon. Before settling in New York City with her family, Charlene lived in LA, Berkeley, and Baltimore and earned a degree in journalism from Columbia University. When she isn’t busy chasing after her big kiddo, nursing her little kiddo or writing about all things pregnancy and motherhood, she’s likely to soak in a bubble bath, eat an entire wheel of brie cheese or drink a crisp glass of Sancerre (sometimes, all three at the same time). Follow her on Instagram here.

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