Friday Five

5 great links to send you off into the weekend

Today’s gloomy skies have us yearning for summer. So it’s no surprise that the forecast for this weekend has us cheering: sunny days are coming to New York! We hope to see you back here on Monday and until then, we’re wishing you long evening strolls, picnics in the park and lazy afternoons with the windows open wide (now you know what our weekend plans include!).

Can’t wait to get some all natural Vitamin D.

But we’ll be packing this to be sure we don’t get too much.

No need for Claritin, bug spray or Benadryl. We’re giving this a go in 2014.

And there will be mocktails for everyone!

Dressing a 12 week bump with summer skirts and tops. Bring on the barbeques!

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Liz Kerins Pacheco

Liz Kerins Pacheco

Liz Kerins Pacheco is the former Kids Shop Buyer for and a freelance writer who is passionate about great design for babies, kids, moms and dads. She lives with her husband on the Upper East Side and calls herself a proud auntie, happy New Yorker and jelly bean fanatic.

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