Lillebaby’s Complete Airflow Champagne Carrier


We admit that we’re babywearing fans here at Well Rounded NY…when you live in NYC, using a carrier is hands-down (and hands-free) the easiest way to get around town. We also admit that babywearing during the summer has had us stumped — as the temps get higher and the city gets steamier, it’s hard to imagine nestling a teeny tiny furnace (even a cute one!) against our big sweaty bodies for any longer than absolutely necessary.

Luckily there are now some cool options in the marketplace. Literally. Like Lillebaby’s Complete Airflow Champagne carrier. It’s made from lightweight, breathable 3D mesh and offers maximum airflow for you and baby. Even the waist belt and shoulder pads are mesh-lined, so you can get active and still stay dry. With six carry positions, including an ergonomic forward-facing carry, we’re pretty sure you can incorporate baby (and Lillebaby) into just about every summertime activity. And since its weight range is 7 to 45 lbs., you can count on using this carrier summer after summer.

We aren’t the only fans of Lillebaby’s Compete Airflow in champagne — it’s so great, that it’s already sold out. Don’t worry…we’ve got one carrier for one very lucky WRNY reader. All you have to do to enter is sign up for our kick ass newsletter and leave a comment below!

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This giveaway ends on May 25. Good luck!

Jessica Pallay

Jessica Pallay

JESSICA PALLAY is the Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Well Rounded NY. She is a Brooklyn mama to Libby and Elsie, and writes about all things pregnancy and new motherhood.

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  1. I love the color of this carrier and I love the articles I just read! Great site!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Ryan Cage
  3. I “like” Well Rounded NY on Facebook.

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  5. I would love to win this and do not have a carrier yet for my little one due in July. This would be fantastic!

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  9. I love this site! This carrier seems like an excellent option – it’s only May and both my 6 week old baby and I are already sweating when we use a carrier. There is no real other option though – dragging the stroller up and down stairs on the subway is too much!! And I love having her close to me as it soothes her.

  10. Newsletter

  11. Signed up for the newsletter!

    Stacey R
  12. I read your newsletter – I love the color and concept of this carrier!

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  15. awesome contest!

  16. i tweeted!

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    Sarah Hayes
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    Sarah Hayes
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    Michelle T
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  25. Thank you!

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  30. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  31. Great giveaway! Thanks! I liked, followed, and tweeted!!

  32. Been wanting to try a lillebaby carrier!!! Crossing my fingers to win!


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  36. Love it! Neeed this for my 21lb 5 mos old!

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  39. Love the color, but especially love the fact that it’s light & my baby won’t end up sweating in the heat!!

    Joanie Lovell
  40. Got the newsletter! Love this carrier, the airflow would be great for summer!

    Lauren DuBose
  41. I need this! I live in AZ and my daughter gets hot! I think this would definitely help me carry her cooler.

    Nicole W.
  42. My husband and I were just talking about this carrier yesterday! We want it!

  43. I followed on Pinterest!

    Nicole W.
  44. I love this colour, so nice to have another light colour option. I hope the contest includes Canadians. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Karen Bertucci
  45. Thank you for the giveaways! I signed up for the newsletter!

    Neticia Fanene
  46. We sure could use one in this Texas heat!! Good luck everyone!

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    Neticia Fanene
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    Neticia Fanene
  49. Would love to have this for baby number 2!!!

    Allyson Fore
  50. I would love one of these carriers– thanks for the opportunity.

    abby dayley
  51. I think this carrier would be perfect for toting my tot in the grueling Arizona summers! No doubt it will still be sweaty, but a little “airflow” would certainly help!

  52. subscribed and liked on facebook

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  54. I would LOVE to win one of these! With baby #4 on the way in August we have definitely decided on this carrier above all others!

  55. Love Lillebaby and this color is beautiful!

  56. I would love to win this!

  57. I so need a breathable carrier for the Florida heat.

  58. Absolutely adore this color! And the carrier looks sooooo comfortable!

  59. I love this site and would love to own a Lillebaby carrier!!

    Mary Taylor
  60. Aaaaand I’m officially following Well Rounded NY on Facebook 🙂 Liked and shared the giveaway on my own timeline as well!

    Mary Taylor
  61. I love my older lillebaby, would love this new one, too!

    Krista Kangas
  62. Signed up for the newsletter. This would be excellent here in South Texas!

    Casey H
  63. Would love to win this, I’m in Memphis TN and it’s HOT in the summer!

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    Casey H
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    Casey H
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  67. Liked and signed up for the newsletter. I love this color!

    amy march
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  70. Love the color and so want this carrier!

    Tricia Ciampa
  71. I am in desperate need of a new carrier for NewBaby! especially one that breathes the way this one does.

    Laura Miller
  72. Signed up! This is so needed and prefect timing for our sweet baby 🙂

    Elziabeth S
  73. I signed up for the newletter, followed on twitter (@fidiyatwitting), pinterest (fidiya), and liked on facebook (Fidiya Bilal)!

  74. This is great!! I have my third baby due August 3rd…just what I need

    Desiree Gaige
  75. Liked, Shared, Tweeted, Followed – You got it! Would LOVE this carrier for my 5 month old daughter – she loves to be in her mommy’s arms and this would be PERFECT so I (along with her and her 2 year old sister) can still enjoy all the summer activities! Thanks so much for such a great Giveaway!

    Rebecca Weening
  76. Signed up for newsletter 🙂 Want one of these so bad!

    Madeline McCubbin
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    and I tweeted 🙂

    Madeline McCubbin
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  82. 3rd due in September. I want to wear him everywhere! Need those hands free for other mischiefs 😉

  83. I joined the newsletter – what a cool giveaway!

    Angie D.
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    Angie D.
  85. Love this carrier! I’m due August 23rd and this would be a great carrier for her 🙂

    Colleen M
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    Megan M
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    Colleen M
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    Megan M
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    Colleen M
  90. Just signed up for your newsletter. LOVE the versatility of the Lillebaby, and this airflow would be perfect for hiking with my little one this summer!

  91. This would be perfect for my little ones in the AZ heat!

  92. We so need this to survive the summer! And the champagne color is perfect!

    Tanya H
  93. Would love this carrier and it would get plenty of use! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Alyssa Finley
  94. I am in need of a carrier for my 7 month old. This would be perfect.

    Caron B
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  100. This would be perfect for my little niece due in July!

    Sarah M
  101. perfect for beach walks!
    fingers crossed…

    Sarah WJ
  102. This is great! Thanks

    Lucy S
  103. Hoping for a carrier since I will have three under three come October! It will really come in handy for this momma who already has back problems!

    Elizabeth m
  104. Subscribed to the newsletter! 🙂

    Heidi B
  105. would be awesome for the summer! Liked on FB too! 🙂

  106. Would be perfect for our Disney trip

  107. This would be awesome to have this summer!

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  109. Looks like a great carrier for the summer! Thank you for the giveaway contest!

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  112. I would love this carrier! It has so many features that other carriers are lacking.

    P.s. I signed up for the newsletter

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  114. Hoping to win

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  116. Love this carrier! Would love to win one!

    Teera Case
  117. I would love one of these carriers!!

  118. I would love this carrier!

    Lucie P
  119. Oh my gosh! This is like my dream carrier for the summertime!! I would use it ALL the time!

  120. I totally need a Carrier!

  121. Living in Tennessee, one if these bad boys would do wonders for my sweaty baby in the summer!

    Jennifer Lindsay
  122. I love this! Would def make life easier with number 3 due in July 🙂

  123. this carrier looks awesome. would love to have one. we were in a rush to buy one for our first and didn’t get a good one. now that we are expecting next month we would love to get a good quality one that we would use all the time.

    Amanda Felton
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    Amanda Felton
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    Amanda Felton
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    Kari Barone
  128. Love this lillebaby!

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    Peggy Lee
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    Nicole U
  134. I would love to win this carrier. I have never even seen one. Nothing better than having your baby close.

    Samantha G
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    Samantha G
  136. This carrier would be perfect for this Socal summer!!

    Diana Sanapanya
  137. Love this carrier, be great to win. Signed up for newsletter.

  138. Facebook fan!

  139. This is a beautiful carrier that would be a perfect addition to my weekend trips to the farmer’s market and family outings!

    Chimere Longino
  140. This is a cute carrier would be awesome in this north Carolina heat. My poor baby gets so hotels easy so to have the mesh to allow air to flow through would be awesone

    kelsey polk
  141. would love one for my sweaty baby!

  142. These carriers are awesome.

    Beth P.
  143. Would be nice to have for my upcomming baby boy this July. 🙂

    Michelle Huang
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    Rebecca Stewart
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    would love to win so my hubby has a “manly” carrier, finally he won’t have an excuse not to!

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  156. Love it!

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    Thank You for the great giveaway! (Fingers crossed!!)

    Fiona N
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  166. I would absolutely love to have this carrier!

  167. Were a big fan of the new carriers can’t wait to try one out. We follow along on FB.

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    Nicole U
  174. I subscribed! I’ve never tried a Lillebaby carrier, but I would love to!

    Brandi W
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  177. Would love to carry my two boos in a lillebaby!

  178. I would love to carry my 3 week old around in this.

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    Kim M
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  205. I signed up for the newsletter and would freak if I won this carrier! I love it!

    Meghan Pender
  206. So nice and comfy looking

  207. What a great option for summer! I have an october baby and she does not like the hot weather but always wants to be held.
    Thanks for a chance at this giveaway!

  208. So impressed by this website and all the great articles you post. Already signed up for your newsletter and I look forward to Tbts. So nice having somewhere to go for info and trends in the new mom world!!

    Nicole Pepe
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  210. Love this! Ill check out fb now~

  211. This would be amazing for the summer! My mini is in the carrier 90% of the time when we are out and about! The color is perfect for summer!

    Adalhi Mittnacht
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  215. Liked on Facebook! Love a carrier than can go up to 45lbs & is a great summer carrier!

    Becca Sullivan
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  224. Would love to get such a breathable carrier for my first Midwest summer

    Camille Leigh
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  235. This is great. I love that its gender neutral. I signed up for your newsletter. Thanks!!!

  236. Looks great-wish I could have one.

  237. I get the newsletter! Love the color.

    Angie Hronek
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  246. I followed on fb and the newsletter. As a proud new auntie, I figure its good two fold- 1 I can get this for my sister and niece, 2 I can get good foreknowledge before its my turn to be a mommy. 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!

    Anne Choi
  247. love the color combo above!


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