Last-Minute Shopping: Gift Cards

There’s still time to scratch every name off your list with a quick online purchase.

Uh oh. Christmas is in two days. What, you didn’t finish shopping yet? Yeah, even that thing you thought you’d just order online is pretty much out of the question now, unless you want to pay $5,000 in overnight holiday shipping fees. But don’t worry! Being late is, like, our thing. So we’re totally prepared to help you do some last-minute shopping. From your couch. In your pajamas. Hello gift cards.

Here’s our best bets for that special someone in your life…even if they weren’t special enough to shop for in advance.


Jessica Pallay

Jessica Pallay

JESSICA PALLAY is the Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Well Rounded NY. She is a Brooklyn mama to Libby and Elsie, and writes about all things pregnancy and new motherhood.

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