20 Breastfeeding Clothes That Are On Sale Right Now

Save some $$ on all the nursing essentials you need!

If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll need clothes that are comfortable and functional — since you’ll never know when baby will want to nurse, easy access to the breast is key! But has your postpartum body changes, so does your postpartum wardrobe, so buying clothes for your breastfeeding journey can really do a number on your wallet! So to ring in World Breastfeeding Week, we are helping you save a few bucks on all your nursing essentials. Here are 20 breastfeeding clothes that are on sale right now!

1. H&M Mama Nursing Top, $14.99.

1 HM Mama Nursing Top

2. ASOS Midi Wrap Dress, $42.

2 ASOS Midi Wrap Dress

3. Boob Design Cotton Dress, $69.50.

3 Boob Design Cotton Dress

4. Loyal Hana White Off-The-Shoulder Dress, $105.

4 Loyal Hana White Off-The-Shoulder Dress

5. Allette Midi Nursing Dress, $182.40.

5 Allette Midi Nursing Dress

6. Teat & Cosset Chloe Dress, $105.

6 Teat & Cosset Chloe Dress

7. ASOS Nursing Blouse, $48.

7 ASOS Nursing Blouse

8. Isabella Oliver Signature Nursing Jumper, $52.

8 Isabella Oliver Signature Nursing Jumper

9. Pink Blush Wrap Dress, $36.

9 Pink Blush Wrap Dress

10. Pink Blush Maternity Maxi Dress, $36.

10 Pink Blush Maternity Maxi Dress

11. H&M Nursing Sweater, $17.99.

11 H&M Nursing Sweater

12. Mitera Collection Sahar Dress, $78.

12 Mitera Collection Sahar Dress

13. Mitera Collection Nadia Loop Cardigan, $58.

13 Mitera Collection Nadia Loop Cardigan

14. Love Comma V-neck Nursing Tank, $75.

14 Love Comma V-neck Nursing Tank

15. Love Comma Jersey V-Neck Nursing Tank, $45.

15 Love Comma Jersey V-Neck Nursing Tank

16. Envie De Fraise Off-The Shoulder Nursing Top, $30.

16 Envie De Fraise Off-The Shoulder Nursing Top

17. Jessica Simpson Cold Shoulder Nursing Dress, $39.97.

17 Jessica Simpson Cold Shoulder Nursing Dress

18. Nom Maternity Snap Dress, $49.95.

18 Nom Maternity Snap Dress

19. Nom Maternity Snap Tank, $39.95.

19 Nom Maternity Snap Tank

20. Old Navy Side Slit Nursing Tee, $22.

20 Old Navy Side Slit Nursing Tee

Jenny Greenstein

Jenny Greenstein

JENNY GREENSTEIN is Well Rounded's Fashion Editor. She is a NYC-based personal stylist, and founder of Your Soul Style: a platform where style meets mindfulness. Through Style Coaching, Closet Cleanses and Personal Styling/Shopping sessions, she works with women ranging in age/experience but specializes in the motherhood space, supporting mamas and mamas-to-be navigate personal style during this beautiful (and complicated) time. As a mama herself, Jenny strongly believes that confident style emerges from within, and we owe it to ourselves as women and mothers to live in that empowered space. Stay connected with her via Instagram.

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