3Girls Holistic New Mama Package


Remember when the most important thing about skincare was finding out whether it fought blemishes or wrinkles and when you didn’t even think about reading the ingredients? Nowadays though, the skincare lines we’re after are the ones making beautiful products with ingredients as close to the earth as possible. Because, as we once learned, beauty is not only skin deep. What you put on your skin can actually affect what’s going on inside as well. Which is why we’re always excited about a new natural skincare line like 3Girls Holistic. Especially when we have the pleasure of doing a giveaway with them. 3Girls Holistic is an organic-based skincare line creating natural, affordable (not a word you usually find associated with anything organic), and effective products. And this week they’re giving away their New Mama Healing Essentials (which includes 2 oz Nipple Cream, 2 oz Calming Mist and 2 oz Tender Tush Treatment), New Mama Herbal Bath, and Nourishing Cream, in order to help you feel a little more… human when that baby arrives. Trust us, you’ll want all the help you can get.

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Kaity Velez

Kaity Velez

KAITY VELEZ is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Well Rounded. Kaity is a former menswear editor who cannot believe she was ever scared of being a mom. Currently residing with her toddler and fiancé in her beloved Brooklyn, she is kept in a constant state of awe by her two little guys. You can often track her down at her local pie shop working on anything pregnancy and new mom-related. And trying to not to eat pie. At least not too much of it.

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  1. I’m a new mom & these products look perfect for me!

  2. Going back to work soon and will need a pick me up!

    Maureen Pena
  3. So cool! Thanks.


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