5 Natural Swap-Outs for Pregnancy Discomforts

When most meds are off-limits, here’s how to cope naturally.

Ohhhhh, pregnancy. It’s supposed to be the most magical time of our lives. But the cruel joke of it is that you’re on a ride of hormones, strange reactions and symptoms for nearly a year, and you can hardly take so much as an aspirin. That means battling nausea, aches, pains, allergies and maybe even the flu with decreased immune function and no pharmaceutical backup.

The hormones that we rely on to grow our little ones are also responsible for slowing down our digestive tract, causing random bouts of inflammation, and making us feel physically and emotionally out-of-balance. While some medications are safe to take during pregnancy, we just don’t have enough research available to know how prescription and over-the-counter substances will affect an unborn child.

With the right remedies on your side, though, you won’t need no stinkin’ drugs. We partnered with Earth Mama Angel Baby to show you some pregnancy safe alternatives to over-the-counter tonics.

Here are 5 natural swap-outs for your pregnancy discomforts:

1. Allergies: Even for those who normally don’t suffer from seasonal allergies, pregnancy hormones can actually cause inflammation of the nasal passages. Using a neti pot to keep the nostrils clear can work wonders for congestion, and some people swear that a spoonful of honey daily keeps allergies at bay.

2. Morning Sickness: Talk about a touchy topic—what you used to love can now trigger crippling bouts of nausea. Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Organic Morning Wellness Tea is a gentle, soothing blend of ginger, spearmint, chamomile and lemon balm, designed to keep your tummy settled as you make your way through the trimesters. Try sipping this instead of over-the-counter nausea aids.

3. Headaches: Headaches can pop up for many reasons (or seemingly no reason at all) during pregnancy. Staying hydrated and eating small, protein-based snacks frequently is critical, especially during the summer months. If that doesn’t help, try relaxing with an eye pillow with a soothing peppermint smell.

4. Hemorrhoids: As if there’s not enough going on down there! Couple increased pressure on your nether regions with hormone-induced constipation and what you get is, well, a pain in the tuchus. Mama Bottom Balm is a natural salve with a cooling effect that can be used in any sensitive situation, like treating tears and stitches post-delivery. And it’s full of things you can pronounce, like witch hazel, St. John’s wort, and olive oil.

5. Heartburn: Most mamas-to-be keep large tubs of antacids nearby, but I honestly found them ineffective (and full of toxic food dyes!) That’s because, oddly enough, heartburn can be caused by too little stomach acid. A shot of apple cider vinegar can help balance things out, or reach for papaya, which helps regulate digestive enzymes. Better yet, try Earth Mama’s Organic Heartburn Tea, formulated with stomach coating Marshmallow Root, tummy comforting Lemon Balm, Chamomile and Spearmint, and astringent Red Raspberry Leaf.

*We are so grateful when brands support our content and community. This post was sponsored by Earth Mama Angel Baby.

Photography by Christina Emilie for Well Rounded NY.

Allaya Cooks-Campbell

Allaya Cooks-Campbell

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