6 Best Sippy Cups of 2019

Transition from bottle to cup with these top picks.

With so many sippy cups to choose from, how are you supposed to know which one to try first? Just like with bottles and pacifiers, it may take some trial and error to find the right fit for your child. But here’s a nice starting point: 6 of our favorite sippy cups and why many love them too.

 munchkin 360 cup

1. BEST FOR GROWING TEETH: Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup, $6.00

The Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup has a dentist recommended spoutless design; plus because it’s straw-less, it’s super simple to clean. Once your kiddo gets the hang of the Munchkin Miracle 360, you’ll be so relieved to never wash out another straw.

oxo sippy cup

2. BEST 2-IN-1 SIPPY: Oxo Tot Transitions Soft Spout Sippy Cup, $9.99 

You certainly get your money’s worth with the OXO Tot Transition cup, which has two interchangeable tops. It comes out of the box with a sippy spout for your baby, and once your he’s ready, it turns into a cleverly designed training cup.

zo-li sippy cup

3. BEST FIRST STRAW CUP: Zo-li Bot Sippy Straw Cup $11.99

The Zo-li Bot has a weighted straw, which means your little one can drink from this cup at any angle. So if he’s ready for a sippy cup but still wants to tip it back like a bottle, this may be the one for you.

thinkbaby sippy cup

4. BEST FOR WARM WEATHER: thinkbaby Sippy of Steel Sippy Cup, $13.99.

Whether you live where it’s warm year round (we’re jealous) or you prefer stainless steel to plastic, thinkbaby’s lightweight Sippy of Steel is perfect for parents who are looking for an alternative to plastic or just want to keep their babe’s water nice and cold.

replay sippy cup

5. BEST ECO-FRIENLDY CUP: Re-Play Sippy Cup, $5.00.

We love Re-Play for their sustainable line of kid’s tableware made from recycled materials. The Soft Spout Cup features a leak resistant, easy to clean silicone spout, perfect for infants and toddlers alike. Plus, you can’t beat that price!

siliskin kids sippy cup

6. BEST FOR SMOOTHIES: Silikids Siliskin Silicone Sippy Cup, $8.95 

The 3-in-1 cup from Silikids can be used with a silicone sippy top for little ones or as a big kid cup for your older child. But it really shines when used with the straw top because it’s perfect for homemade smoothies. The straw is extra wide and the top is made out of soft silicone, making it simple to clean.

Natalie Gentile

Natalie Gentile

NATALIE GENTILE is Well Rounded's Gear Editor. She is a NYC-based baby gear consultant and the founder of Kind Kidlet. To make the transition into parenthood less confusing and time-consuming, King Kidlet develops custom baby registries tailored to fit the specific needs and personal styles of families. Natalie is a mama to a sweet baby girl and lives with her family in Queens. Follow her on Instagram here.

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