7 Mom Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Because motherhood can be a bumpy ride.

The mom overload is SO REAL. Moms juggle so much — mentally, physically and emotionally —  which is why I live for a good mom hack! Any tip or product that makes my life a little easier, I am here for it! To help smooth the bumpy road that motherhood can be, I’ve tested a couple of tricks and want to share them with you. Here are 7 mom hacks that will make your life easier.  

1. Lacticups Milk Savers. Every ounce of your milk is precious and needs to be saved. These milk saver cups help you make the most of your supply. Wear one on the breast you’re not nursing from to catch all the milk that comes out with your letdown. If you leak in general, these are also very sleek and discrete. So you can put them in your bra to catch that run off. I have saved hundreds of ounces of milk this way. Just remove the cup and pour the collected milk into a milk storage bag.

2. Lacticups Lacti-Pops. Frozen breast milk is a life saver for a teething baby. The Lacti-Pops Silicone pouches can be filled with breastmilk and make a great baby teether to soothe swollen gums.

3. Eli and Ali Baby Tush Swiper Cream Applicator. Look Ma, no hands! Another genius little mom product I’ve found is this tushie swiper. Attach the top to any squeezable bottle, they come in two sizes, and swipe on the diaper rash cream, sunscreen, lotion –  no hands and no mess! Perfect for travelling.

4. My Travel Tray. The My Travel Tray is a neat little device that pops into the cup holder of your car, stroller, and car seat, giving extra tray space to hold your belongings or, as I like to use it for, bribery snacks while still being able to use the cup holder for the sippy cup. The tray comes in an array of colors, and each is adjustable in size.

5. Hide the veggies and superfoods. Do you have a picky little one who refuses to eat their veggies? You can easily throw a handful of greens and chia seeds into a juice or a smoothie. They won’t taste it at all! I also recommend doing this with pasta sauce. Steam up some extra veggies and blend them right into your sauce or grate them up and bake them into a treat.  You can even throw chia seeds in those too. Two other superfood tricks I like to use are: chia seed pudding and cacao avocado mousse. My son thinks he’s eating dessert, but really I am loading him up on only good foods.

6. Coconut Oil. If you aren’t already on the coconut oil train, mamas, you need to get aboard! Gum in the hair? Coconut oil. Dry lips? Coconut oil. Diaper rash? Coconut oil. A mean scrape that you don’t want to scar? Coconut oil. Makeup remover? Coconut Oil. Cradle cap? Coconut oil. Sunburnt? Coconut oil. What’s better than lotion? Coconut oil. So besides using coconut oil in the kitchen, it has endless uses for moms and kiddos.

7. Alexa. My final tip is for the modern mom. “Alexa, go pick up my kids from school!” Just kidding, but we wish right? From playing nursery rhymes to white noise for sleep to adding coffee to the grocery list to playing games with your kids, Alexa is like a mini mommy assistant. Big Up to technology for making mom life a little more organized.

Erin McInerney is a native Brooklynite living in San Diego, CA for the past 8 years. She and her boyfriend Ryan have two sons, Bryson and Christian. She spends her time modern mommying and practicing and preaching wellness. 

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  2. I need to get that tray!

  3. Wow! This is such a helpful list of some great hacks! Thank you for sharing your tips, Erin! I love how you make momming a little easier!

  4. Yes to coconut oil!


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