8 Eco-Friendly Disposable Diaper Brands in 2018

Because cloth isn’t the only green way to diaper your baby.

In an effort to do what’s best for their babies and for the earth, more and more parents are now aiming to make environmentally and socially responsible choices in child rearing. In so doing, they are driving big changes in the baby market, pushing brands to hop on the green bandwagon. As of late, the world of disposable diapers is no exception. That’s good news, because eco-friendly disposable diapers are easier on your baby’s tush AND on the earth!

The average baby goes through 5,000 diapers before being potty-trained; and since 95 percent of families use disposable diapers, most of them end up in landfills and make up several million tons of waste every year. To top it off, mainstream disposable diapers are notorious for being packed with chemicals that are harmful to your little one’s skin and to the planet. Luckily, diaper brands have come a long way and are now offering disposable alternatives and diaper subscriptions that make going au naturel easier than ever.

We’ve rounded up 7 eco-friendly disposable diaper brands that are safe for baby and Mother Nature and that stand a chance against those massive blowouts.

honest diapers

1. The Honest Company. The Honest Company diapers were a huge hit from the second they splashed onto the scene with their adorable prints. Parents stuck around when they heard these eye-catching diapers are also plant based and sustainable — no chlorine, no bleach processing, no latex, fragrance or lotion. By far the most well known eco-friendly diaper subscription, The Honest Company offers the option of subscribing to their diaper and wipe bundles, which save you time and money. Subscribe to the bundle here.

bambo nature diapers

2. Bambo Nature. One of the original eco-friendly, disposable diaper brands, Bambo Nature makes diapers that ease parents’ concerns about their effect on the environment while also protecting their baby’s sensitive skin. These diapers are both safe and effective; free of chemicals and dyes but also absorbent and leak-free. The wood used for pulp is derived from sustainable forestry, where more trees are planted than felled; and the waste from the production of baby diapers (even powder and dust from the plant) is filtered, collected and sold for further use. Get them here! 

Aden & anais diapers

3. Aden & Anais. You know Aden & Anais for their super soft swaddles and other nursery essentials, but did you know they now make diapers? To no surprise, these diapers are unbelievably soft and come in sweet prints the brand is known for. Plus, they’re made of chlorine-free wood pulp and latex-free elastics, which is safer for baby’s skin. And guess what… Every time a pack is sold, a tree is planted! Get them here!

pampers pure

4. Pampers Pure. A tried and true and most importantly trusted brand by parents for decades, Pampers just released a new line of all natural, plant-based diapers called Pampers Pure. They are extremely breathable and absorbent, keeping your baby’s bum dry and free of diaper rash. Plus, they’re chlorine, fragrance, paraben and latex free! Conveniently, they’re widely available in your local super markets and drug stores. Get them here!

parasol diapers

5. Parasol Co. Parasol is making a name for themselves as a chemical-free and innovative (and really cute) disposable diaper brand. These diapers are contoured for a perfect fit, dry in seconds to keep wetness away from baby’s bottom and even have a built in belly-button cut out, which we’re loving for itty bitty newborns. Parasol Co is a subscription based diaper service: you pick the prints and size and they send them to your doorstep. Get them here!

seventh generation diapers

6. Seventh Generation. Absorbent, breathable and certified skin-safe, Seventh Generation diapers are a great choice for eco-friendly diapers. These disposable diapers not only help with baby’s sensitive skin, they are on a mission to help the environment. Seventh Generation diapers are made with sustainably sourced materials and even work with the Rainforest Alliance to help reduce deforestation. Get them here! 

babyganics diapers

7. Babyganics. We love Babyganics diapers for their clean look and for the fact that they contain zero dye. They are derived from plants and made with NeoNourish Seed Oil Blend to soothe and protect baby’s skin. Plus with a newly improved fit, Babyganics diapers are now 20% thinner which means less diaper bootie under those leggings (even though diaper booties are pretty cute!). Get them here!

joone diapers

8. Joone. Joone, an environmentally responsible diaper subscription, is the newest to hit the US market. Made in France, these diapers are healthy, effective and come in all those cute patterns you love. Plus their commitment to the environment and their transparency with consumers is refreshing! Not to mention, their wipes are olive oil based, which is known to be oh so gentle on baby’s skin. Get them here!

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Natalie Gentile

Natalie Gentile

NATALIE GENTILE is Well Rounded's Gear Editor. She is a NYC-based baby gear consultant and the founder of Kind Kidlet. To make the transition into parenthood less confusing and time-consuming, King Kidlet develops custom baby registries tailored to fit the specific needs and personal styles of families. Natalie is a mama to a sweet baby girl and lives with her family in Queens. Follow her on Instagram here.

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  1. I’m disappointed to see Earth’s Best left off this list. While I understand each baby is different, we have preferred Earth’s Best by far over Honest, Bambo, and ESPECIALLY Babyganics. Parasol were nice but expensive, and Seventh Generarion were good in a pinch but not preferred. Earth’s Best is a nice compromise for both good quality and decent value.

    Kate Ames Schartel Novak
  2. What about biodegradability? It’s great to see disposables being produced with an eye towards sustainability – but can they really be *disposed of* sustainably?

  3. I would love to try Joone, but have you seen the shipping charges!?! Someone PLEASE tell me there is a retail location here in the States that sells this brand. I simply can’t justify shipping that costs as much as the diapers…


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