9 Awesome Nursery Trends in 2018

Designs and decors for your babe (and you) that are sophisticated and fun!

Are you on your Pinterest boards, hunting for the latest nursery trends, more than you are on your Google calendar? Whether you are expecting or are simply looking for an update, baby’s universe is full of surprising trends that gives a nod to our grown-up aesthetics this year, and we love it!

From marble and concrete details to black accents reigning over baby’s world, celebrity nursery Designer Vanessa Antonelli gives us the lowdown on the trends that are likely to permeate your your little one’s space. Here are the 9 nursery trends that she predicted for 2018.

marble nursery trend 2018

Photo By Andrea Calo Photography, Design by Vanessa Antonelli.

1. Marble… not in the kitchen. We’ve seen marble rise to the tippy top of trends in kitchens and baths over the last five years. Well, now it’s heading to the nursery. If the material wasn’t so heavy and hard, I’m sure it would make its way to the cribs and dressers, but that’s simply not realistic. Parents-to-be are loving the serene and stylish look that marble offers, so it has made its way onto focal walls, wallpaper, on side tables and even in artwork.

black nursery trend 2018

Photo via Project Nursery.

2. Black is back. While black is always stylish in the world of fashion, it tends to go through highs and lows in interior design. When it comes to kids rooms, it has always been controversial. More traditional minded families often tell me that they don’t think black belongs in a baby’s room. The trendsetters, however, are embracing it in 2018! Shop this crib here. 

sea foam nursery trend 2018

Photo & Design by Vanessa Antonelli.

3. Sea foam and cognac. Not together, but as hot color choices. Expect to see both popping up in wallpaper and décor items throughout rooms for the little guys and gals.

purple nursery trend 2018

Photo via Project Nursery.

4. Purple is the new black. Pantone said the color of the year is purple and despite what they say, we all know it won’t be the most popular color. Just maybe a little more popular than it was in the past. It will however, definitely reign over its generally more popular cousin, pink.

greige nursery trend 2018

Photo via Project Nursery.

5. Greige. Not beige and not gray, and that’s a good thing. Haven’t we seen enough gray nurseries? The cool thing about greige is how well it pairs with all hardware. Gold, silver or black all shine with greige.

concrete nursery trend 2018

6. Concrete for an industrial look. Sort of like marble, concrete is going to be a bit too heavy for people to implement into their space in a big way, but the idea of concrete will catch wildfire. There’s concrete style faux painting and décor elements like the bases of decorative potted plants and shelves. For those who are lucky enough to live in an industrial space with concrete floors – embrace it! You just became a cool kid.

earthy nursery trend 2018

Photo By Christine Farah Photography, Design by Vanessa Antonelli.

7. Earthy accents and natural details. With marble and concrete both making center stage, it’s no surprise that overall earthy and organic spaces will be on the hot list for nurseries this year. Organic materials, textiles, the use of faux and real plants, and other elements that help bring the outdoors in are a great place to start for inspiration.

lighting nursery trend 2018

Photo By Christine Farah Photography, Design by Vanessa Antonelli.

8. Lighting that makes a statement. We’ve seen chandeliers in nurseries since Edison invented the lightbulb, but this year parents-to-be are going to go big on the lighting selection spending a higher proportion than previously on the budget for it. There are so many unique lights out there to choose from, and it will help set the tone for the style of the space.

blues nursery trend 2018

Photo By Chris Veith Photography, Design by Vanessa Antonelli.

9. Blues… for girls too! Blue is the color most synonymous with boy nurseries, but blues aren’t just for boys anymore. Parents having little girls are experimenting with the color in a big way, and navy and royal are making an impact for both genders.

Charlene Petitjean-Barkulis

Charlene Petitjean-Barkulis

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