A Lazy Mom’s New Year’s Resolutions

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A major hazard to child safety, pulled from the market for good! And the city that never sleeps just had a major realization: moms aren’t the only ones who change diapers!! Plus, parents today spend more time than ever before actively parenting… Does it make a difference in the long run? The think piece that really has us, um, thinking. It’s all right here in our Weekly Links.

  1. Resolution, smesolution. If your’e not into joining a gym or dieting this New Year, join us in joining this lazy mom’s resolutions to become a slightly better mom/person in 2019.
  2. Parenting today doesn’t just feel relentless. It is. Parents today spend more than five times as much time actively parenting than they did thirty or forty years ago. The big question: is it for the better? Read this piece in the Times to find out.
  3. Corded blinds have officially been banned because of child strangulation deaths in America. In 2019, most corded window treatments will no longer be on store shelves.
  4. Finally, New York City realizes dads change diapers, too, and is requiring all new and renovated buildings to install changing tables in men’s bathrooms. No more #squatforchange, papas! Shew.
  5. Hillary Duff crowdsourced tips for how to deal with colic, and while as most of us know there really aren’t any, it did help her feel less alone in the battle. Good news: it tapers off around four months.
  6. It’s 2019, and there are some super cool products coming out this year; and all of them will make your job as a parent a whole lot easier! Check them out here.
Hanna Nakano

Hanna Nakano

HANNA NAKANO is the News Editor at Well Rounded. She's a D.C. based journalist + writer, and mama to Mila Yayoi. She's married to a medical doctor with a culinary degree; you can find their recipes and ramblings at Chef Meets Girl. Say hi on Instagram.

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