Baby Basics: Eczema

Soothe your baby’s scratchy skin with these expert tips and product picks.

There’s something almost addictive about that silky soft baby skin; just one little tickle on those gorgeous newborn rolls makes you forget about all that crying, pooping and sleep-deprivation. But if you’ve ever had eczema–or any seasonal allergies or asthma–then your little one may get it too, turning those silky baby cheeks (and arms, shins and legs) all itchy and raw.

These cold winter months are the worst, says NYC dermatologist Dr. Adarsh Vijay Mudgil, when the weather strips skin of its naturally moisturizing enzymes. Harsh soaps and chemical-heavy products can make the uncomfortable skin condition even worse, no matter what the weather.

“The single most important thing to do to help your baby’s skin is to moisturize,” says Dr. Mudgil, using mild, non-toxic products that are healthy for baby. And rather than skip the bath, skip the toweling off instead–slather baby up while she’s still nice and wet, and lock in those delicious drops of moisture all night long.

From eczema-soothing skin care products, like Weleda’s new Baby Derma White Mallow line, to organic cotton layette that’s like second-skin, here’s the best picks for helping baby stay silky and soft.

This post was brought to you by Weleda.

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Jessica Pallay

Jessica Pallay

JESSICA PALLAY is the Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Well Rounded NY. She is a Brooklyn mama to Libby and Elsie, and writes about all things pregnancy and new motherhood.

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  1. Both my babies have had infant eczema. We have a cool mist humidifer in each of my kids’ rooms now and it does wonders. The eczema comes back in just one night without the humidifier. The humidifier is magical. I’d call it an NYC necessity. The second you turn on the heat, turn on the humidifier!


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