The Best Prenatal Fitness Apps & Sites

Because beating Candy Crush saga is no longer the most important thing on your mind.

Nowadays, we’re always on the go, and going to an actual exercise class can be difficult. But it’s also not necessary. That’s because there’s now a plethora of apps and websites that can help you work out from the comfort of your own home — even if you’re pregnant! That’s right, whether you don’t want to do a full class or don’t feel comfortable around fitness aficionados, you can now choose from a range of platforms to get you and your bump sweaty.

Here are 3 websites and 3 apps that will allow you to stay healthy and fit during pregnancy (and beyond). As always, check with your healthcare provider before starting any fitness regimen during pregnancy.


1. Body Love Pilates 
Founded by a mama for other mamas, this NYC based studio has started streaming online videos with dedicated prenatal and postpartum workouts designed to help guide women during this special time. You can first test them out for free and then for $25 per month, you will receive new content weekly, tailored body challenges and extensive information and education through their over 300 videos.

2. Yogaglo
This website has been around for a long time and has always brought the best yoga teachers onto your computer screen. In addition to offering meditation and workouts ranging in length from 5 to 90 minutes, Yogaglo also has dedicated prenatal and postpartum workouts that target all body parts that can be affected during this time. For $19 per month, you gain access to over 4,000 videos of content.

3. Barre3 
This popular barre workout is the perfect addition to yoga and pilates, building strength in the body during and post pregnancy. And with their online workouts, you can do guided pre and post-natal classes from the convenience of your home. A subscription will get you access to 300 videos, nutrition support and expert guidance for a price of $25-$29 per month.


1. Aaptiv
Aaptiv allows you to train on the go all over the world. While you can choose running, elliptical and other cardio workout, it also incorporates dedicated prenatal workouts and postpartum workouts that you can do along with your baby. For as little as $9.99 per month, you can stream all these workouts straight from your phone and transition into and out of pregnancy easily.

2. Peloton Cycling 
If you love spinning, you’ll probably love Peloton. This app comes with a bit of a higher price tag since you will need to invest in a spin bike to set up at home. But once you commit to that, your pre and post-natal cardio will be taking place at home while following a live class in the studio or pre-recorded classes off the app. In addition to cycling, the app offers advice in how to tone, strengthen and stretch too for $12.99 per month.

3. ClassPass 
While not technically a workout app, ClassPass will let you choose from so many workout classes and gym times that there is no excuse not to make it. Whether you aqua cycle, go to a prenatal yoga class, swim for an hour or attend a class postpartum, you can mix it up and never be bored with one workout again — starting at $45 per month.

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Roma van der Walt

Roma van der Walt

ROMA VAN DER WALT is Well Rounded's Fitness Editor and mom to Max. She is a former Member of the German national team for Modern Pentathlon who has made her passion for sports, her work. As a trainer she focuses on making exercise fun, diverse and stimulating emotionally and physically to ensure the sustainability of her clients' progress. She is a firm believer in positive encouragement and holistic approaches to fitness and food to help people embrace healthy living. Roma draws from disciplines such as traditional conditioning, cardio, strength, yoga, martial arts, and dance. In her prenatal and postpartum work Roma incorporates the same principles to help mothers be healthy and glowing during and strong and in shape post pregnancy.

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