Bravado Designs Nursing Bras & Accessories


One of the best parts of breastfeeding is that you can pretty much do it anytime, anyplace. Unlike all the other parts of parenting, when it comes to nursing, there’s pretty much no gear involved…well, unless you count your boobs as gear. What you do need though, is a great nursing bra, and major points if you love showing it off, since, yes, you will be breastfeeding all the time, in all the places.

Bravado Designs is our go-to for breastfeeding function and fashion. Their beautiful nursing bras are soft, smooth and stretchy, so you’ll be comfortable wearing them day and night. But they’re also modern and feminine because, well, so are you, girl!

To celebrate our Breastfeeding in Public series, we’re giving away a set of beautiful Bravado Designs nursing bras and accessories so you can breastfeed in public with confidence. Sure, you might get a few stares, but only because everyone will be wondering: Where’d she get those beautiful nursing bras!

Enter below to win Bravado Designs’ Buttercup Nursing Bra in Watercolor; Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra in Sea Glass; Clip and Pump Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory; and Ballet Nursing Bra in Dusted Peony, with a total value of $165!

Bravado Designs Nursing Bras & Accessories

Jessica Pallay

Jessica Pallay

JESSICA PALLAY is the Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Well Rounded NY. She is a Brooklyn mama to Libby and Elsie, and writes about all things pregnancy and new motherhood.

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  1. I would love to win this giveaway…. the nursing bras would be of so much help i only own 3 nursing bras i bought 9 months ago at walmart.They are supper expensive!

  2. I a first time mom due in august i would love to win i have read about how great your bras are thsnk for the opportunity

    Breanna Blankenship
  3. I would really love to win these, i’ll be going back to work soon and pumping these nursing bras would really help out, i only have 2 that fit me now. My local store doesnt carry many options.

  4. 5 weeks PP from a c section and just been going braless. I didn’t know there was any cute nursing bras out there xD love the designs

  5. These nursing bras look amazing. I have 2 and they aren’t working very well. Would love to win these quality nursing bras!

    Tana McCraw

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