How to Up Your Changing Station Game

3 Instagram Moms share their changing station set-ups.

*We’ve partnered with Skip Hop to help make changing your baby more pleasant.

Like it or not, you’re going to spend a lot of time at your baby’s changing station. Whether you’re dealing with a diaper blowout, cuddling post-bath or attempting a midnight quickie (a term with new meaning after you have a baby), it’s all happening at your baby’s changing station.

To help you plan accordingly, we’ve partnered with Skip Hop to feature three smart and stylish nursery changing stations from three smart and stylish Instagram mamas. Check out how they’ve configured Skip Hop’s Nursery Style Wipe-Clean Changing Pad & Light Up Diaper Caddy (did you read that right? It lights up!) for their own nurseries, and take notes on their best baby changing tips…before it’s too late.

Baby on Skip Hop Changing table PadCapen Evans Nursery Capen Evans, Brooklyn
Sawyer, 7 months

How would you describe your nursery changing station?
Clean, functional and pastel-filled. I like to keep my changing station clutter free for easy and quick diaper changes. One of my favorite things that I have in Sawyer’s nursery is the vintage map of Australia. My husband is Australian so we have a half Aussie baby girl. The map is a gift from her grandmother and it completely inspired the pastel theme of her room. The grey Skip Hop Nursery Style Wipe-Clean Changing Pad and Light Up Diaper Caddy fit perfectly with the color scheme and make the station look very sophisticated, organized and clean.

What’s your best tips to make changes easier?
I keep all of the items we most use for changes — her diapers, creams, lotions and brushes — organized and easy to access in the Caddy. That way, when I am in the process of changing Sawyer, I don’t have to open drawers and scramble around searching for things. Having a toy bar on the Changing Pad is also helpful for distraction during changes. She is such a wiggly little babe on the changing table — it’s amazing that the mobile keeps her occupied.

Got a midnight change strategy?
I like to keep Sawyer’s room really dark if I have to go in to feed and change her during the night. If I turn on the overhead lights, it really wakes her up and it takes me much longer to settle her back to sleep. The light on the changing caddy gives out just enough light so that I can find what I need to do a quick change and keep her sleepy.



Mai Sassy Girl's nurserySkip Hop Changing Table Padcute colorful nursery

Mai Ann Nguyen-Miyoshi, Los Angeles
Amelie, 1 year

How would you describe your nursery changing station?
Since my older daughter Zooey turned 5, we decided it was time that she had her own room, so we had to move Amelie’s crib and changing station to our bedroom. We have the Skip Hop Nursery Style Wipe-Clean Changing Pad on top of our dresser, right next to the crib. Sometimes I put the changing pad on our rug when baby is being too fussy and keeps rolling over. The Skip Hop Light Up Diaper Caddy usually sits on top of the diaper pail, but it’s also easy to pick up and move it to the changing table when I need to.

What’s your best tips to make changes easier?
Choose a changing pad that’s easy to wipe clean in case anything from the diaper gets onto it. (Yes, this happens!) With Skip Hop’s changing pad, I don’t have to worry about any accidents staining the changing pad.

What’s your midnight change strategy?
I keep a few diapers in the caddy at all times, and store the rest in the top drawer of the dresser. This reduces the noise and extra effort I have to make to grab a new diaper when the baby’s sleeping. And Skip Hop’s Diaper Caddy has a little light that helps me see!

Nat's Next Adventure nurseryCute baby on changing table

Natalie Thomas, NJ
Oliver, 5 months

How would you describe your nursery changing station?
We just moved into a new home and, much like me as a parent, our house (and changing station!) is a work in progress. I’ve started to set up a gallery wall above Oliver’s changing table (worst idea ever for a kicking and grabbing baby?) that still needs a few pieces. I wanted him to have a mirror to look into when I sit him up, a photo of his favorite person on earth, his big sister, and a reminder of how much he’s loved. I adore the little star wallpaper and the clean, functional dresser with cedar-lined drawers.

What’s your best tips to make changes easier?
Get rid of the clutter. We had a changing table topper, complete with pad and cover, and I was constantly changing and washing it, especially with a boy! Now that I have the Skip Hop Nursery Style Wipe-Clean Changing Pad, there’s no need to strip and wash every time there’s an accident. A portable caddy also makes a big difference. It keeps us organized, and it’s easy to grab and go, if needed for a downstairs or outside change.

What’s your midnight change strategy?
We put a nightlight in for this very reason, so we don’t have to turn the big, overhead light on and completely wake him (and us) for every change, but that wasn’t practical because the outlet isn’t close to the changing table and we had to bend down to turn it on. The Skip Hop Light Up Diaper Caddy requires just a little flick of your finger — I can hold him with one hand and actually see what I’m doing without waking him up!


Skip Hop Nursery Style Wipe-Clean Changing Pad, $70

Skip Hop Light Up Diaper CaddySkip Hop Light Up Diaper Caddy, $40

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