Popular Children’s Advil under Voluntary Recall

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There’s a voluntary recall on a popular children’s pain reliever you might have in your house right now — we have details on what you need to know to avoid a potential overdose. And, if you’ve been using Babyganics products, you could be due a cash reward… some parents have filed a class action against the company! Plus, why doctors say pregnant women and nursing mamas really should avoid marijuana, and more about the lasting impacts the drug could have on your baby. It’s all right here in our Weekly Links.

  1. If you’ve never lusted after Carrie Bradshaw’s closet, where have you even been? The endlessly chic NYC style icon SJP killed the fashion game in Sex & the City and now she’s talking kiddo style, after just releasing her second collection with Gap Kids. Check out this Harper’s Bazaar piece where she gets real about style, motherhood and the importance of female friendships.
  2. You might be owed some cash if you’ve been using Babyganics products on your little one. Parents have filed a class action suit against the company, saying Babyganics misuses terms like “natural” and “mineral-based” — and that the products aren’t organic at all. If you bought a Babyganics product between Sept. 7, 2010 and July 28, 2017, you might be eligible to make a claim.
  3. Check your medicine cabinet, mamas, a popular brand of children’s Advil is under voluntary recall right now. Pfizer has issued the voluntary recall for their Bubble-Gum Flavored Liquid Children’s Advil, because of overdosing concerns. Turns out, the dosage cup is measured in tablespoons, but the instructions are measured in milliliters and that could cause confusion for some parents, so the company is offering to refund the purchase of this product if you return it to the store.
  4. News for breastfeeding mothers: pediatricians say you should avoid marijuana if you’re nursing your baby. Though marijuana is becoming more available than ever, researchers still don’t know the drug’s effect on tiny baby brains or bodies — but they do know marijuana is still present in breast milk up to six days after mom’s exposure. Pregnant mamas should steer clear, too. There is evidence THC crosses the placenta potentially harming brain development, cognition and birth weight.
  5. Putting mommy shamers to shame! We’re loving these images by photographer Abbie Fox — who, like us — is so over other people telling her how to take care of her babies. To fight back against the criticism we all hear, she took portraits of little ones holding signs to set the record straight: “my mom drank coffee during pregnancy”, “i watch television”, “we drank formula”. Get it, mama.

Photo by Tanaphong Toochinda on Unsplash.

Hanna Nakano

Hanna Nakano

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