Cute Alert: Baby Bonnets

Our favorite baby wears our favorite bonnets.

Over the winter Owen rocked countless baby bonnets. I realize they are trendy, a little girly, and let’s be honest – they tend to get an eyebrow raise or two from older relatives or friends without kids that don’t quite understand the bonnet craze. But the main selling point for me: they tie around the chin! I’m clearly all about convenience. As a mom that’s always on the go I feel like the last thing I want to worry about is whether or not Owen’s hat is actually on his head.

These three baby bonnets are some of our favorites for spring: they’re made out of lighter weight fabrics, and do a great job keeping the sun off Owen’s head and ears…or keep his baby head a little warmer on windy days.

Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson Perfect Pilot Cap, $12

Briar Organic Bonnet

Briar Organic Bonnet in Navy Railroad Stripe, $34

Petit Soul Shop


Petit Soul Shop Bandit Bonnet in Terry, $34.


Hailey Andresen

Hailey Andresen

Hailey Andresen moved to Brooklyn from Phoenix this past March where she had built her passion for community and food in the restaurant and hospitality industry. After ten years she is taking a break from all of that to start a family with her husband, Zack. She is the founder and voice of Household Mag. where she shares her love for food, New York, family, design and her experiences as a first time mother.

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