Could Elsa Be A Lesbian?

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Queen Elsa is dating who? What Frozen 2’s director has to say about an LGBT love interest in the franchise. And if #KeepingItTogether just isn’t on your to do list today, one of our favorite baby food companies is venturing out of the kitchen to give you a hand. Think: how to survive the first year 101. Here’s everything you need to know before you hit that mama + me yoga class.

1. Is Elsa… a lesbian? Frozen 2 is set to come out next year, and there’s a lot of talk that Queen Elsa might have a girlfriend in the movie. The director isn’t ruling it out.

2. Forget reddit and quora, there’s a new space online for moms to ask questions and get feedback from other parents. Peanut just launched a new forum feature, called Peanut Pages where moms can connect to build a community around their changing needs. Check it out.

3. Every parent knows, babies do not come with an instruction manual. But wouldn’t it be nice if they did? Plum Organics is taking a step outside of the kitchen to help a mama out by curating advice from some leading experts and super cool parents to help you get through the first year. Follow along on #KeepingItTogether!

4. If you think Walmart is lame, you’re not alone. But the retail giant is trying to change minds by introducing four new clothing lines, including one for kids. The company hopes their new threads — set to partner with upscale store Lord & Taylor — will attract more of a Target-shopping, Starbucks-drinking crowd.

5. Model and super mama Chrissy Teigen says she’s nervous postpartum depression could strike again. Teigen put a face to postpartum depression when she told the world about her struggle after the birth of her daughter, Luna. Now, pregnant with her second, she explains what she’s doing to prepare.

6. Your kids will be like O M G when you hand them one of these organic, low fat, chocolate pouches. Yes, organic, low fat and chocolate all in the same sentence. These new Choco-Mooo yogurt pouches from Stonyfield isn’t packed with sugar like other desserts — and it’s perfect for an on-the-go snack. Because let’s face it, kids are always hungry.

Hanna Nakano

Hanna Nakano

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