Every Mom is Actually Running a 5K

Why you’re probably accomplishing more than you think.

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*We’ve partnered with Mountain Buggy to celebrate the hard work that moms are doing every day!

In the grind that is parenting, a workout can feel like a real luxury. Between taking care of the kids, the house, the errands and oftentimes a job too, who has time to fit in a workout? You do! And guess what? You’re probably already fitting in it without even realizing it! High fives for the Mama 5K!

Don’t believe us? We’ve partnered with Mountain Buggy to prove it. We sent one very real mom on her mundane, but necessary, errand run with the Mountain Buggy +one™ and asked her to report back on her accomplishments. The results? She checked off her entire “to-do” list — plus a 5K (and then some!) while she was at it.  

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Mom: Tiffaney McCannon
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Kids: Mac (7 years) and Sally (7 months)

1 DROPOFF 3 mountain buggy

1. School Drop Off.

Today my day starts off with taking Mac to school with Sally along for the ride. I have to run in for a minute to pick up something for Mac in the office, but our Mountain Buggy stroller is so easy to fold with just one hand, even with both seats on it.

Distance: The walk is .3 miles or 881 steps.

2 GARDEN 1 copy mountain buggy

2. Garden Duty.

After dropping Mac off I head over to the schools garden, as the garden’s grant administrator I need to stop by to verify the plants being delivered today!

3. Naptime!

I race home to get Sally down for a nap and work for a couple of hours.

Distance: Another .3 miles or 902 steps since I took a different way home:)

4 THE BROOKLYN STANDARD 2 mountain buggy

4. Smoothie Stop.

Once Sally is awake, we head out to run errands. Our first stop is the Brooklyn Standard for a smoothie — I need a little pick me up! Their Stumptown coffee smoothie really hits the spot. Distance: .5 miles or 1454 steps.

5 RITEAID mountain buggy

5. Pharmacy Pick Up.

From The Standard I walk to Rite Aid to pick up a prescription. Navigating the narrow aisles requires some serious maneuverability but the Mountain Buggy +one is up to the task.

Distance: Adding .6 miles or 1885 steps to my day.

6 ASSOCIATED 3 mountain buggy

6. Grocery Run.

I walk across the street from Rite Aid and hit up Associated for a few groceries. I love that the Mountain Buggy +one has extra storage behind the seat — I use this on a daily basis.

Distance: 197 steps or .1 miles (not including all the steps I took in the grocery store!).

7. Laundry, Laundry, Laundry.

From Associated I walk to Sunshine Laundromat. This laundromat is a hidden gem in Greenpoint – in the back there is a secret bar/pinball room! I am planning my son’s birthday party there, so I needed to stop by to hammer out a few details. Sally is asleep again thanks to the smooth ride in the Mountain Buggy +one.

Distance: 397 steps or .2 miles.

8 MANHATTAN AVE CLEANERS 1 mountain buggy

8. And the Tailor, Too.

Since I’m in the hood I stop by my favorite tailor in Greenpoint at Manhattan Avenue Cleaners to drop off a pair of pants that need a hem. The Garden is just a few doors down so I stop there too for a few more things for dinner.

Distance: 201 steps or .1 miles.

9 THE GARDEN 5 mountain buggy

9. Dinner Prep and a Little Work.

Headed back home to get dinner started and get a little more work done.

Distance: 1 mile or 2115 steps. Phew!

10 BACK HOME 1 mountain buggy 11 SCHOOL WORKSHOP 1 mountain buggy 11 SCHOOL WORKSHOP 2 mountain buggy

10. Extracurriculars.

A bit before 3pm, Sally and I head back to the school for a workshop that Mac’s second grade teachers are hosting.

Distance: .3 miles or 884 steps.

12 AFTER SCHOOL 1 mountain buggy

11. After School’s Over.

After the workshop I walk over to Norman Avenue to pick Mac up from after school. Mac is constantly filling up the gigantic lower basket with his backpack, BeyBlades and other personal items. 990 steps or .4 miles.

13 PLAYDATE 1 mountain buggy

12. Park Playdate.

We stop at McGolrick Park for a quick play date. It turns out I’m not the only one who loves the Mountain Buggy +one — I convert the storage space behind Sally into an extra seat and Sally’s friend hops in for a quick ride around the park.

Distance: 2 miles or 697 steps.

0 FOLDED STROLLER mountain buggy

13. Home at Last!

Finally my day out and about is almost over! We head home from McGolrick Park.

Distance: 908 steps or .4 miles.

Total: I hustled around Brooklyn for a total of 4.4 miles or 11,511 steps!

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Jessica Pallay

Jessica Pallay

JESSICA PALLAY is the Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Well Rounded NY. She is a Brooklyn mama to Libby and Elsie, and writes about all things pregnancy and new motherhood.

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