How to KonMari Your Diaper Bag

5 tips to avoid the #diaperbagblackhole.

How to Konmari your Diaper Bag*We’ve partnered with JJ Cole to help streamline your momlife.

Admit it: you probably overpack your diaper bag. And we know it’s for good reason: we mamas need to be prepared for anything and everything! But an overpacked diaper bag can quickly turn into a black hole, making it impossible to find what you need in a pinch.

So we’re partnering with JJ Cole to help you apply Marie Kondo’s “KonMari” method of decluttering and organizing to the place your momlife needs it most: your diaper bag.

JJ Cole Diaper BagWhat's in your Diaper Bag?

We recently enlisted our gear editor and founder of King Kidlet, Natalie Gentile, to help NYC mama of two Fallon Carmichael Santiago clean out her #diaperbagblackhole. Below, she shares the 5 tips that helped whip Fallon’s JJ Cole Bucket Tote diaper bag into shape.

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How to clean out your diaper bag1. Get organized. The key to an organized diaper bag is having a designated spot for every single item. Not only will this keep your bag tidy, you won’t have to rummage through to find a pacifier when your baby is already at a level ten freakout. JJ Cole’s Bucket Tote has 12 pockets (including 2 side bottle or sippy cup pockets), but you can also use zipper pouches for bottles or snacks, diapers and wipes, spare clothing and so on.

Bonus tip: Include one removable pouch for your personal items such as your wallet, sunglasses, and favorite lip gloss, this way you can easily toss it in your purse for date night!

JJ Cole Bucket Tote Diaper Bag Stroller Clips

2. Pack less stuff. You can immediately lighten your load simply by reducing the quantity of products in your diaper bag. Instead of carrying an entire pack of baby wipes, opt for a travel-sized pack. Better yet, just throw some in a ziplock bag, and off you go! If you have a tendency to overpack, though, opt for a diaper bag with padded shoulder straps, or use the JJ Cole no-slip grips™ (they come with the JJ Cole Bucket Tote) and let your stroller do the carrying.

Baby Helping Pack Mom's Bag

3. Keep the toys to a minimum. Keeping your little one entertained is important, but you don’t need to carry the whole toy store around with you. Instead, I suggest choosing one or two small toys, then swapping them out every few days to keep it interesting.

Fallon Santiago Carmichael

4. Stay in season. If you leave the house and it’s 75 degrees, you probably don’t need an extra sweatshirt, ski pants and winter boots for your baby….you know, just in case. Make sure the seasonable items you tote around are actually in season.

JJ Cole Bucket Tote Diaper Bag

5. Maintain, maintain, maintain. Ok, so your diaper bag is now organized, but how do you keep it that way? Every morning, quickly check your diaper bag’s stock of formula, wipes, etc. Then give it a deep clean once a week: wipe down your changing pad (JJ Cole’s Bucket Tote has a matching one tucked inside) and tidy up any errant crayons or cheese stick wrappers that made their way to the bottom of your bag.

Photography by Stylish & Hip Kids for Well Rounded.


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Natalie Gentile

Natalie Gentile

NATALIE GENTILE is Well Rounded's Gear Editor. She is a NYC-based baby gear consultant and the founder of Kind Kidlet. To make the transition into parenthood less confusing and time-consuming, King Kidlet develops custom baby registries tailored to fit the specific needs and personal styles of families. Natalie is a mama to a sweet baby girl and lives with her family in Queens. Follow her on Instagram here.

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