How to Throw an UNshower

9 tips to help you create a non-traditional baby shower.

Don’t get us wrong. We love babies, and we can’t wait to see all the pictures you’ll post on social media. But we also think you, mama, deserve a girls’ night out before your little one makes his or her grand entrance into the world. So why not throw yourself an UNshower? That’s right — ditch the traditional baby shower ribbon hats, pastel hues and mini sandwiches. This party is all about you.

To test our theory, we recently hosted The UNshower, an indulgent night out for NYC expectant mamas, and while we were event planning, we came up with a few unorthodox ideas to bring your mom-to-be shindig to the next level. Here are 8 ideas to incorporate into a non-traditional baby shower.


1. No teeny, tiny, fancy food. Your baby shower is the perfect occasion to give in to all the greasy, sugary cravings you’ve been resisting throughout your pregnancy. Pizza, donuts, burgers,fries and chicken fingers? Yes, please. Trust us, you want a full meal — not teeny, tiny food that’s too cute to eat — and it will be worth the heartburn. You can get back to your healthful diet full of greens and whole grains tomorrow (or the day after that).

Male strippers serving pizza

2. Bring men to the partayyyy. Men? At a baby shower? Why, yes. Of course, dads are welcome to join in the celebration — in fact, it’s pretty common and encouraged these days. But that’s not what we’re talking about. Rather, what we have in mind is a bunch of handsome, shirtless models serving you all that greasy food (see Tip 1). Because you’ll soon be submerged in dirty diapers and baby spit-up, and the bachelorette shouldn’t be the only gal getting one last “hoopla” before her life does a one-eighty.

Pregnancy mugshots

3. Strike a pose. Of course, you can rely on iPhone pics to capture candid moments and (duh!) post them on Instagram. But if you want to entertain your guests, a photo booth is in order. Get a cool backdrop and some fun props, like a letter board and temporary tattoos, and ready yourself to say “cheese!”

Mama Makeovers

4. Treat your guests (and yourself) to a spa-like experience. Like we said, a baby shower is the perfect occasion to celebrate you, mama, before baby joins you earthside. And what says “self-care” more than a little pampering sesh’. Whether you opt for a mani-pedi party, a chair massage or a little makeup touch-up, your guests will thank you for the relaxing, beautifying escape.

Stroller charm

5. Get crafty. Forget about the DIY onesies. Since this party isn’t about your babe-to-be, opt for a DIY jewelry station instead. Stroller charms, for example, can help elevate your style once you’re ready to hit the streets with baby in tow.

Mama & baby astrology

6. Get a psychic. Guessing baby’s name is fun and can actually be a great source of inspiration for indecisive parents. But… been there, done that. A tarot reader will be both entertaining and enlightening to everyone: it will give you and all of your guests a glimpse at the future.

Baby K'tan7. Gifts for mom! Our guess is, baby has already been plenty spoiled. So now is your turn to be, well, showered with gifts. Whether it’s a spa day, a fashionable baby wrap or a nice bottle of bubbly for when baby vacates the womb, there are many a way to celebrate the mama-to-be you are — especially at a time when all the late-pregnancy side effects are probably making you feel pretty uncomfortable.

Pregnant friends

8. Cocktails and mocktails abound. Sure, you won’t be sipping on alcoholic beverages for a couple more months, but that doesn’t mean the party needs to be dry. So alongside the creative and tasty mocktails for all expecting moms, offer all your other guests fun “adult” drinks. Easy and universally loved cocktails include bellinis and mimosas. And hey, since you’ll be serving pizza, how about beer?

7am diaper bag

9. Send your guests off with party favors. We know you are the star of the show, but all these people came to party with and for you. So show your gratitude by giving them a little souvenir in return.

Want to see know how our own UNshower experiment turned out?

The unshower

At the Bugaboo Styling station, guests not only got to check out their future baby rides, they also created stroller charms to boost their future mama street style with the help of jewelry designer Mignonne Gavigan. To provide some nursery inspo, we set up two real-life nurseries for mom-to-be Alexandra Ng from PiccoliNY and mom-of-two Amy Parker from Parker Etc, starring Babyletto’s space-saving (and stylish!) furniture, with accents from Land of Nod. Guests also got design tips from kids’ interior designer and stylist Sarah Bean.

Because we know mama still wants to look fashionable even if she’s got a baby on her hip (or chest), Baby K’tan and Insta-mamas Dikla Goren and Lauren Fong all joined forces to help mamas find their babywearing styles. Over at the Artifact Uprising station, Household Mag’s Hailey Andresen provided expert iPhone photo tips so no future cute baby move ever goes un-captured. And since the anxiety of packing your hospital bag or diaper bag is real, Fridababy treated expectant mamas to a packing station, with expert tips from the brand’s CEO Chelsea Hirschhorn on what to pack and expert tips from packing expert Hitha Palepu on how to pack.

Guests also indulged in mini mama makeovers from the healthy beauty experts at Follain, mama & baby astrology from Rebecca A. McKeever, and temporary tattoos from Tattly. We took our own advice and put together a hilarious “pregnancy mugshot” booth, manned by the talented photographer Ana Gambuto.

Throughout the evening, shirtless models from The Artful Bachelorette passed around pizza, donuts and chicken fingers from Sticky’s Finger Joint, and helped our guests stay hydrated with Balance Water. At the end of the evening, we sent our ladies home with an amazing 7AM Enfant diaper bag filled with goodies from Babyganics, Bamboobies, June & January, Bebe Au Lait, SmashMallow and Kickee Pants. And we couldn’t have charmed our guests without some extra styling around the room from Pehr Designs, HATCH Collection and Loyal Hana.

Check out the images Stylish & Hip Kids captured at our event, and then share an UNshower tip we didn’t think of in the comments below!

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Charlene Petitjean-Barkulis

Charlene Petitjean-Barkulis

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