Land Of Nod Is Gone!

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How does birth control actually work? And, like, what even is IVF? The brainy ladies over at theSkimm are answering all of our reproductive health questions. And BREAKING NEWS: Land of Nod is GONE. Try and collect yourself, mama. Plus, there’s some hardcore research to back up why your little one miiiiiight need a sibling. Here’s all you need to know in our Weekly Links.

1. Land of Nod no longer exists! Yes, you read that right. But don’t freak out just yet — you can still buy all that dreamy baby gear, just from a new place. Now it’s called Crate & Kid and it’ll be housed right inside Crate & Barrel stores. Shew. Carry on.

2. Want your kid to be more empathetic? Have another one! Try as we might, it turns out it’s siblings who do the bulk of the work when it comes to teaching children empathy.

3. Are you already getting emails from theSkimm? If not, sign up ASAP. The ladies over there send a daily round up of the top national news with super easy explainers and notes about why what’s happening matters. Right now on theSkimm MD, they’re also diving into important reproductive health topics like birth control, fertility options and parental work leave.

4. There’s power in numbers — and mamas around the world proved that yesterday with the World’s Biggest Mama Meet Up! The main event, which was organized by Mindr, happened in New York City, with other mamas meeting up across Europe, Asia and Africa to discuss the role of mothers as leaders and changemakers. Check it out and keep the conversation going at #MamaMeet2018.

5. The New York International Children’s Film Festival is still in full swing with some great feature length and short films showing you and your little one The film festival continues for the next two weeks with an added bonus: the chance for your little one to make their own stop motion film with the help of Goldfish cracker’s animation station on March 17th and 18th.

Hanna Nakano

Hanna Nakano

HANNA NAKANO is the News Editor at Well Rounded. She's a D.C. based journalist + writer, and mama to Mila Yayoi. She's married to a medical doctor with a culinary degree; you can find their recipes and ramblings at Chef Meets Girl. Say hi on Instagram.

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