Love Two Ways

Whether you’re a mama or mama-to-be, we’ve got your Valentine’s Day planned out.

Even if you’ve been totally anti-Valentine’s Day for most of your life, there’s something about having a baby that gets the toughest gals to turn to mush, even if only for 24 hours. If you’re pregnant, you’re probably basking in the love glow, and maybe you want to get that last romantic day in before baby makes three. And if you’ve got a baby (or two or three), you can celebrate love in a whole new way — for your little one(s), your partner, and even for yourself.

No matter which side of the equation you fall on, we’ve planned out the perfect happy heart day. So banish that angst-ridden teen inside of you, and make it a pregnant or new mama Valentine’s Day to remember.

Pregnant Valentine's Day picks

L to R: NoMad; Topshop; Sandqvist; Cake Lingerie; BKR


Wear: Topshop Digifloral dress
We like to tell ourselves that a romantic print makes a tight, short maternity dress look classy. Oh yes, those guys at the bar are checking you out. Belly and all. $64

Eat: NoMad
You already know that NoMad’s famous chicken dish is worth the headache for a reservation, but did you know the menu has an entire section of the drink menu devoted to “soft” cocktails? 1170 Broadway, NYC (Image source.)

Ask for this: BKR Reusable Water Bottle
You should be drinking more water anyway, and this bottle’s just so darn cute. Plus totally worth the splurgy (for a water bottle) price when someone else’s buying it. $34

Treat him: Sandqvist Stig Backpack
When baby comes, he’s going to need something cool to carry all those diapers around. We love a backpack that we can borrow when he’s not looking. $175.93

Sleep (or don’t!): Cake Torte Maternity Camisole and Sleep Short
This sweet, sexy and stretchy combo from Cake Lingerie will take you from flat belly to big belly and back again. Just be careful postpartum — this is a baby-making outfit if we ever saw one. Top, $49; and Short, $32

Clockwise from bottom left: Amala; Grand Central Oyster Bar; Jacquie Aiche; Rxmance, Warby Parker

Clockwise from bottom left: Amala; Grand Central Oyster Bar; Jacquie Aiche; Rxmance, Warby Parker


Wear: Warby Parker Quimby Sunglasses
Slip on these cool sunnies and spend a few V-day hours off-duty. Your baby (and husband) won’t even recognize you as you slip on out the door. $95 ($150 with prescription)

Eat: Grand Central Oyster Bar, Brooklyn
Now that you’re not pregnant, it’s time to resume the raw indulgences. Like oysters, oysters, and more oysters. We’re dying to try Grand Central Oyster Bar’s brand spanking new location in Brooklyn. 256 Fifth Ave., Park Slope (Image source.)

Ask for this: Jacquie Aiche Gemstone Anklet
When you’re a mama, your ankle is about the only safe place for jewelry, unless you want baby to think it’s yet another delicious toy. $187

Treat Him: Rxmance Sweatpants
These sweatpants are for him, but they’re really also for you. Because you want him to be comfy when he’s up with baby while you sleep, but still look cool when he’s hitting the bodega at 3am for an emergency pack of diapers. $129

Sleep (for real!): Amala Lavender Room and Linen Mist
If there was ever a day when you are entitled to sleep a little late, V-day is it! Enjoy your beauty rest with this lavender treat. $24

Homepage: Love Me by Curtis Kulig. Image source.

Jessica Pallay

Jessica Pallay

JESSICA PALLAY is the Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer of Well Rounded NY. She is a Brooklyn mama to Libby and Elsie, and writes about all things pregnancy and new motherhood.

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