Out and About: Brooklyn Bridge Park

Getting out of town can be fun, but sometimes the best adventures are right around the corner. (Part Two)

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This week, we’ve partnered up with our friends at the Earth’s Best® brand to show you what a perfect little day trip to Brooklyn Bridge Park looks like when we’re Out and About with our kiddos. In today’s installment, our NYC excursion continues back on land, where we find more adorable pals…and a great playground.

As soon as you step off of the Ferry and onto the pier in DUMBO, you suddenly feel like you’re on a movie set (probably because it often is used as a movie set). Sure, there are enough infant and toddler classes around to schedule your child for weeks on end, but nothing rivals some real playtime on a real playground in a real city spot. Compared to those pricey 45-minute playgroups, the mere $8 for your ferry ticket is a small price to pay for access to one of our favorite playgrounds in the city — Brooklyn Bridge Park.

No great day trip would be complete without some friends to enjoy it with. So we were so excited that Oliver’s friend Jack (whose mom is WRNY contributor Heather Stone) wanted to join us on our journey along with his nanny Lida.
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The kiddos were ready to jump out of their strollers and start running around as soon as we got on dry land. Since we knew we had a lot of playing ahead of us before lunch, we smartly dispensed a pre-playground snack in the form of some vitamin-packed Earth’s Best® pouches. Anything to avoid a meltdown.
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Toddlers can be notoriously difficult to please, so luckily the Earth’s Best® brand has great flavor varieties like Carrot & Broccoli and Pumpkin Cranberry Apple. Even our pickiest eaters were happy with the selection we offered.
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Real Life
You may be looking at these NYC views and thinking to yourself: “Is this real life?” That’s basically how we feel every time we take in these sites. It’s pretty clear that the rest of our cast, which included my rockstar of a friend Christina and her daughter Olivia, in addition to Oliver, Lula, Jack and Lida, were equally smitten.
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Mama Tip:
Now if you haven’t been to Brooklyn Bridge Park, you might be thinking: “They’re crazy for letting those toddlers run wild. How are they going to get them to the actual playground?” But the Pier 1 playground is just steps from the Ferry, making it easy for the kiddos to see the finish line… or is it the starting line?

Our story continues to unfold tomorrow as a few more friends join in the fun — and refueling. And if you’re wondering how we got here, check out yesterday’s post about packing our bags and ferrying over to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

We want to hear where you like to take your favorite day trip in your hometown. Leave a comment below, or better yet, instagram a photo of you and your little one and hashtag #outandaboutwithEB and @wellroundedny @earthsbest.

Photography by Evan Gubernick of 485 Creative.

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