Postpartum Style

Darling Clementine’s Lindsay Meyer-Harley gets you over your bump with fashion tips and perfect picks for a new mom.

Oh the woes of dressing postpartum. You’ve got a changing body, changing breasts, a demanding baby who’s spitting up on you left and right, not to mention the changing seasons and… it’s all a bit too much, if you ask me. I can see why sweatpants and loose tops become the new mom standard. But since having my second baby in February, I’ve tried really hard to step it up, enjoy my postpartum body and dress like a grownup!

Here are some of my favorite fashion finds to get you through those tricky months, and a few tips to help you find your postpartum style.

Lindsay Meyer-Harley

Lindsay Meyer-Harley

Lindsay Meyer-Harley is a Brooklyn mama and wife, owner of online children's shop Darling Clementine, iced coffee guzzler and sunshine seeker. Follow her Pinning Skills here.

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