The Recall All Pacifier Moms Need to Know About

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We could finally be saying goodbye to baby names like Sophia and Liam. Their replacements might have you feeling nostalgic — and definitely in need of a latte from the Central Perk. Speaking of drinks, did you know there are some moms who, like, don’t? Turns out not every parent turns to a bottle of their own. And DockATot has totally outdone themselves with their latest line of baby bassinets. Luxury design, designed with your aesthetic in mind. We have the scoop (and a link to the drool-worthy pics), in our Weekly Links.

1. Are you even a mom in 2018 if you don’t have a shirt with the mantra: “Does running out for wine count as cardio?” Mommy wine culture is 100 percent a thing — and it can be isolating to be one of the few who doesn’t imbibe. But, there are other ways to destress (that don’t involve the extra calories of a bottle of Nebbiolo). The Times dug into the issue this week, and we think the article is worth your time!

2. Okay, we know those weird tiny, 90s sunglasses are coming back (thanks a lot, Kim and Kanye), but did you know 90s baby names are getting popular now, too? Yep. Names like Courtney, Jennifer and Ross (we’re sensing a Friends theme here) are topping the list. Could they be any more 90s?!

3. A new standard when it comes to newborn luxe. DockATot has just released images of its brand new line of bassinets and they are absolutely gorgeous. Tufted leather, marbled fabrics and your choice of metal base patina. The Aristot is designed for only the most style conscious of families. They’re set to debut this fall, starting at $1,500.

4. Recall alert for a popular pacifier clip that could be a choking hazard. If your little one uses Dr. Brown’s Lovey Pacifier & Teether Holder, take it away right now! There have been reports of the snap coming off of the Lovey. You can return it for a new or similar product.

5. Total heartbreak, after as many as 400 families lost eggs and embryos at a storage facility in San Francisco. According to the company, there was an malfunction with the freezer holding the eggs and embryos. For the families, the loss is immeasurable. This week, they’ve teamed up in a class action suit against the storage company.

6. Ready for some spring cleaning? Brandless, which makes food and household products, just launched its line of cleaning supplies on March 20th. The collection, which is EPA Safer Choice Certified, is non GMO, non toxic and gluten free — safe for the whole fam… and this environment. Oh and it’s all for just $3!

Hanna Nakano

Hanna Nakano

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