Best Crayons for 10 Year Olds: Top Picks for Creative Kids

Crayons have been a staple in children’s art supplies for generations, loved for their bright colors and ease of use. Ideal for a wide range of creative activities, crayons allow children to express their imagination on paper. As children reach 10 years old, their artistic abilities and attention to detail often increase, making it important to choose crayons that can keep pace with their developing skills.

For 10-year-olds, crayons that offer a blend of rich color output, durability, and ergonomic design are ideal. At this age, children may begin to explore more intricate drawings and techniques, such as shading and blending, which require crayons with a strong pigment that doesn’t easily break under pressure. Additionally, non-toxic materials should be a priority to ensure the safety of young artists during use.

When selecting crayons for this age group, we consider factors such as color variety, the hardness of the wax, and whether the crayon leaves a smooth finish on the paper. The shape of the crayon is also an important consideration, as it needs to be comfortable for prolonged periods of use without causing strain on little hands. We’ve dedicated time to research and examine various brands and types of crayons to identify which are most suited to the needs and abilities of 10-year-olds. Our findings aim to guide parents and educators in selecting the best crayons that will support the artistic journey of their young creators.

Top Crayons for 10-Year-Olds

Our selection of crayons for 10-year-olds will cater to the evolving artistic needs of your child. At this age, children’s motor skills, color recognition, and creative abilities see significant development. We’ve focused on crayons that offer durability, a wide range of colors, and non-toxic materials ideal for this group. Whether for school projects, home crafts, or simply exploring their artistic potential, our curated list ensures you’ll find the perfect set to inspire and endure through every masterpiece your child creates.

Crayola Twistables Fun Effects

Crayola Twistables Fun Effects

We recommend these vibrant Crayola Twistables for any child who loves to add a splash of creativity to their artwork with a variety of cool effects.


  • Rich and dynamic colors with shimmering metallics, bright neons, and rainbow designs.
  • The twistable design means no sharpening is needed, keeping things tidy.
  • Durable plastic barrels protect the crayons, making them travel-friendly and long-lasting.


  • Some colors may appear lighter than expected, especially the neon shades.
  • At times, crayons may detach from their base and break, which can be discouraging.
  • With the special effects, there is a trade-off as some may miss having plain colors for simpler tasks.

Chalk it up to their ingenious twist-up design, but the Crayola Twistables really make coloring trouble-free. No sharp edges or wood shavings mean clothes and hands stay clean. It’s a design that invites use without any fuss, just pure colorful fun.

The moment they hit the paper, the crayons glide smoothly. Playing around with them, we reveled in the unique effects each stick produces. From metallic swirls that shimmer like tiny galaxies to neon streaks that pop, making every drawing feel alive, these crayons add an element of surprise to standard coloring sessions.

We can’t ignore how sturdily-built they feel. Despite their delicate appearance, the crayons hold up well to enthusiastic scribbling. They’re also neatly portable, slipping easily into a backpack pocket—a big plus for art on the go. Sometimes, however, the search for the perfect crayon set includes a bump in the road—like the slightly lighter touch of the neon colors and the potential for breakage. Yet, those are small trade-offs for the joy these colors spark.

Art 101 Doodle & Color Set

Art 101 Doodle and Color Set

We think this art set is an exceptional choice for young artists who love to explore different coloring media.


  • Offers a rich variety of mediums including crayons, for vibrant and diverse art creation
  • Portable wood carrying case makes it easy to keep supplies organized and travel-friendly
  • High quality and delightful for a broad age range, ensuring longevity of use


  • Limited durability for coloring tools as some crayons and pencils may break under pressure
  • A few customers reported missing items upon delivery, necessitating a check on arrival
  • Though ample, the color options for crayons might feel limiting for the most creative minds

When we got our hands on the Art 101 Doodle & Color Set, the versatility immediately stood out. The crayons glide smoothly on paper, offering young artists a tactile pleasure as they create their masterpieces. Layering colors is a breeze, leaving us impressed with the blendability offered.

The cleverly designed wood carrying case caught our eye. Not only does it protect the art supplies, but it also sets up quickly into a makeshift studio, allowing one to dive into an artistic endeavor wherever they go. This portability adds convenience for 10-year-olds who are often on the move.

We’ve witnessed first-hand the joy and excitement that this Art 101 set sparks in children. From watercolors to pastels, each medium has its own charm, but it’s the crayons that stand out as a favorite for their ease of use and the vibrant results they produce. Despite the wealth of options, we found the crayons to be of slightly softer constitution, suggesting a gentle touch is needed to ensure their longevity.

As we explored each tool, it was clear that the art set inspires endless creativity. However, our experience was tinged by the discovery that a few crayons were less pigmented than desired. This was a minor hiccup in what was otherwise an impressive array of artistic tools.

Overall, the Art 101 Doodle & Color Set is a treasure trove for aspiring artists. It’s a product that we’ve enjoyed greatly and can see it bringing the same joy to others, especially to those blossoming creatives in the family.

Sunnyglade Art Set

Sunnyglade 185 Pieces Art Set

We think this set is a treasure chest for young artists, bursting with color and potential for creativity.


  • Comprehensive selection of art supplies
  • Portable design with a handy built-in easel
  • Non-toxic, safe materials for peace of mind


  • The easel can be tricky to use
  • Markers may dry up
  • Some items may lack durability

Having had the pleasure of using the Sunnyglade 185-Piece Art Set, we’re quite impressed with its variety and how it inspires creativity. The set is colorful and extensive, offering oil pastels, crayons, and more, which are perfect for a 10-year-old’s experimenting with different mediums. The built-in easel invites kids to set up their workspace wherever they go, from the kitchen table to a friend’s house.

Transporting the art set is a breeze, thanks to its compact case with a secure latch. We found that everything stays in place, and the handle ensures it’s ready for on-the-go activities. Safety is also a priority; knowing the materials are non-toxic adds an extra layer of comfort when it comes to children’s products.

While enthusiasm runs high with each use, there are areas where the set falls a bit short. We noticed that the easel, though a nifty feature, can be less stable than desired when dealing with more vigorous art sessions. Also, during our time with the set, a few markers began to dry out, which can be disappointing mid-creation. And while overall the set is solid, some components might not withstand the test of time and rigorous use.

In our experience, the Sunnyglade Art Set is a vibrant, inviting toolkit for any young artist. Despite some minor drawbacks, it still stands out as a fantastic option for nurturing artistic talent. Just be ready to potentially replace a few items as they get used up or wear down, but this shouldn’t overshadow the joy and creativity the set will undoubtedly bring.

Vibrant Art Pencils

FUNLAVIE Colored Pencils

In our hands, these FUNLAVIE Colored Pencils opened up a world of vibrant possibilities and proved splendid for both detailed and broad coloring tasks.


  • Remarkable blendability for seamless transitions
  • Strong tips that resist breaking under pressure
  • Non-toxic materials, heralding safety for all ages


  • Requires firm pressure for richer hues
  • Sharpening challenges; tips may occasionally break
  • Limited to 48 colors, which restricts some artistic freedom

Our exploration of these art tools began with their pleasingly solid beechwood bodies, which not only felt sturdy but allowed for precise sharpening, minus the splinters. While creating an intricate mandala, we were impressed by the pencils’ strong leads, holding up well against our fervent shading and stippling — not a single snap!

Blending and layering hues was a delight; these pencils glided across the paper with a buttery smoothness, marrying colors harmoniously. After hours of use, the consistent application of these smooth leads left us free from the typical hand fatigue we’ve experienced with less forgiving brands.

We did notice, however, that coaxing out bolder shades from these pencils required a bit more elbow grease than we anticipated. Though it’s a minor gripe, as artists who revel in rich color stories, this stood out to us. When it came to sharpening, we faced a few issues with tip breakages. The splendor of creation is occasionally interrupted by the need for precision with the sharpener, but we managed.

The compact storage tube with a secure lid made these colored pencils the ideal companion for our outdoor sketch sessions. Although we were limited to 48 colors, the palette range still allowed us to capture the essence of our scenes with reasonable diversity.

Crayola Twistable Crayons

Crayola Crayons

We think the Crayola Twistable Crayons are a savvy pick for parents seeking durable, travel-friendly coloring options for their youngsters.


  • Resilient build wards off breakage
  • Travel-ready design perfect for on-the-go creativity
  • Vivid pigmentation for striking artwork


  • Smaller than expected size may disappoint
  • Initial waxy residue needs coloring to remove
  • Higher price point compared to regular crayons

Handing a 10-year-old the Crayola Twistable Crayons feels like unlocking a new level of coloring. The sturdy nature of these crayons means we don’t fret over breakage, an all-too-common issue with traditional crayons. They’re a cinch to twist, even for smaller hands, and the compact design is a lifesaver for trips and school bags.

What strikes us most is the pigment these crayons display. Kids can produce vibrant masterpieces that genuinely pop from the page. Plus, the smooth glide across paper ensures coloring remains an enjoyable, frustration-free activity.

However, we do notice a waxy layer initially, which some kids might find off-putting until they work through it on their first go. They’re also on the slimmer side, which could be a downside for those used to chunkier crayons. The price may cause a moment of pause, but in our experience, the durability justifies the investment.

Buying Guide

When we select crayons for 10-year-olds, it is essential that we consider a few pivotal features that can impact their creative experience. Our focus should be on non-toxic materials, variety, durability, and ergonomics.


Materials: We seek out crayons that are non-toxic and conform to ASTM D-4236 standards. Labeling: Crayons should be clearly labeled as safe for use by children.


Color Range: We expect a broad spectrum of colors for diverse projects. Type: Various types, such as standard, watercolor, or twistable crayons, offer different experiences.


Break Resistance: We need crayons that can withstand pressure during drawing. Longevity: Crayons that last longer are more cost-effective and reliable.


Shape and Size: We prefer crayons that are easy to hold and manipulate for developing hands. Packaging: Sturdy packaging that doubles as a storage solution is ideal.

Non-toxicHighMust be safe and conform to standards
Color VarietyHighShould offer a wide array of colors
DurabilityModerateAble to withstand frequent use
ErgonomicsModerateShould be comfortable for small hands

Our goal is to empower young artists by providing them with quality crayons that cater to their developmental stage, thus fostering a love for art and creativity.

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