Best Crayons for 3 Year Olds: Top Picks for Toddlers’ Creativity

Crayons are foundational tools in the realm of children’s art and creativity. They serve as one of the first means through which youngsters express their imagination and begin to interact with colors and shapes. By allowing children to explore, scribble, and create, crayons play a critical role in early childhood development, especially for toddlers who are just starting to develop their fine motor skills and sensory perceptions.

For 3-year-olds, crayons need to be safe, easy to grip, and durable enough to withstand their enthusiastic drawing sessions. At this stage, kids are still developing hand-eye coordination and may be prone to the occasional attempt to taste their art supplies, so non-toxic materials are a must. Large, chunky crayons are ideal for little hands, as they’re easier to hold and less likely to snap under pressure.

When choosing crayons for this age group, it’s essential to look for options that are not only washable, allowing for easy cleanup, but also ones that deliver a smooth, satisfying color payoff. Also, consider the variety of colors offered in a crayon pack, as having a wide range can help children develop a stronger understanding of the color spectrum and encourage them to explore more complex art pieces.

Through meticulous research and hands-on testing, we’ve identified a collection of crayons that are perfectly suited to the needs and capabilities of 3-year-olds. These top contenders are not only ergonomically designed for small hands but also manufactured with safety and durability in mind, ensuring a worry-free experience for both kids and parents.

Top Crayons for Toddlers

We understand that finding the right crayons for a 3-year-old can be critical for fostering their creativity and motor skill development. Our selection prioritizes non-toxic, washable, and easy-to-grip options designed to fit comfortably in little hands. These crayons ensure a safe and enjoyable coloring experience for your toddler.

LiTeng Crayons for Kids

LiTeng Crayons

For young artists taking their first steps in the world of color, these LiTeng crayons are a solid choice, thanks to their non-toxic material and easy grip design.


  • Ergonomically shaped for little hands to grasp
  • Vibrant color selection sparks creativity
  • Washable material makes clean-up stress-free


  • More prone to breaking than some other brands
  • Storage solution provided is not the most effective
  • Higher price point compared to similar crayons

During our playtime, we found the LiTeng crayons to be fantastic for encouraging our little ones to express their imaginative ideas. Their unique shape was particularly engaging; even our tiny toddler managed to get a firm grip and scribble with glee. This design choice shows an understanding of a child’s hand strength and coordination at this tender age.

The bold hues these crayons produce drew us into a world of wonder, covering the paper with swathes of color. However, amidst the fun, we couldn’t help but notice that they can snap under the enthusiastic pressure from our three-year-old’s efforts. While this didn’t detract from the joy of the moment, be prepared for possible breaks.

Out and about, we took the LiTeng crayons along. Their portability shined as a convenient feature, allowing creativity to ensue anytime, anywhere. Though, when it came time to pack up, we wished for a hardier container as the original packaging wasn’t up to the task in practice. Despite this, we must admit, cleaning stray marks from walls and tables was a breeze, thanks to the washable wax. It allowed us to relax and let creativity take its course without stressing about the aftermath.

Smlper Crayons

Smlper Crayons

We think these crayons are a fantastic choice for little artists due to their ease of use and washability.


  • Shaped for small hands, promoting an easy grip
  • Non-toxic and washable materials, perfect for worry-free creativity
  • Resilient against breaking when dropped


  • Smaller than expected, which may pose a choking hazard
  • Limited color variety compared to other sets
  • Can be mistaken for food by very young children

From the moment we got our Smlper Crayons out of the box, their vibrant colors and chunky design were a hit. They’re perfectly shaped for the tiny hands of toddlers, and their sturdy composition means you won’t find yourself constantly sweeping up bits of broken crayon from the floor.

The material, which adheres to safety standards, gives us peace of mind as children can sometimes be a bit overzealous in their sampling of non-food items. And when it comes to inevitable messes, we breathe easier knowing cleanup is as simple as a damp cloth swipe.

As for drawbacks, we noticed they are a tad smaller than we anticipated, which calls for close supervision. Even though they’re robust and shaped to deter ingestion, it’s best to keep an eye on younger kiddos during craft time. Moreover, the color selection, while sufficient, doesn’t provide as wide a range as some other brands offer. Our children also needed a reminder that, despite their appearance, these crayons are not edible snacks.

In summary, the Smlper Crayons tick the right boxes as a medium for creative expression for toddlers. They’re an excellent choice for hassle-free art sessions that cultivate your child’s fine motor skills and imagination.

ZY-Wisdom Toddler Crayons

24 Colors Toddler Crayons Set

We find these crayons ideal for young artists, blending safety with a design that suits their little hands.


  • Ergonomically designed for small hands to grip easily
  • Made from non-toxic, washable material for safe, mess-free play
  • Offers a vibrant selection of colors to spark creativity


  • Some may find them less durable if dropped frequently
  • The variety of colors might be overwhelming for the youngest users
  • May not be as pigmented as some other brands

After spending some quality time with the ZY-Wisdom Toddler Crayons, we appreciate how thoughtfully they’re crafted for small fingers. Their tear-drop shape makes it remarkably easy for a child to hold and maneuver, encouraging a love for drawing and coloring. The washable factor is another bonus, keeping both playtime and clean-up stress-free.

Coloring with these crayons brings a visual feast to paper. We noticed that children are fascinated by the variety of hues at their disposal, which helps support their color recognition skills. The crayons are sturdy enough to withstand the enthusiastic art sessions of three-year-olds, although, on occasion, there might be a casualty from an exuberant drop to the floor.

Gift-giving can sometimes be a challenge, but the ZY-Wisdom crayons come in a presentation that’s as satisfying as their use. Nestled in an inviting package, they make a delightful present for any budding artist. We’ve noticed children reaching for these crayons repeatedly, which tells us that they’ve become a trusted favorite in the art supply stash.

Tiny Land Toddler Crayons

Tiny Land Toddler Crayons

We found these Tiny Land Toddler Crayons to be a joy for little artists, providing a safe and vibrant coloring experience.


  • Ergonomic size perfect for small hands
  • Vivid colors that stimulate creativity
  • Easy to clean and washable from various surfaces


  • May not be as durable for extremely rough handling
  • Could pose a choking hazard, supervision needed
  • The packaging may be less resistant to rough transit

From the first scribble, it’s evident that the size of these crayons is ideal for our toddlers’ palms. They’re simple to grip and maneuver, making them suitable for kids exploring their artistic side. The crayons glide smoothly over paper, leaving a trail of rich, lively colors that captivate the imagination.

The ease of clean-up with this set is a real lifesaver. Whether it’s a stray mark on the table or adventurous daubs on the wall, a bit of soap and water does the trick. Playdates are no longer a nightmare for us parents; creativity can spill almost anywhere, and we can handle it.

Durability is essential with anything for children, and these crayons hold up quite well. While they’re sturdier than many others and don’t snap with the smallest pressure, rougher play might still break them. However, keeping an eye on the little ones while they create limits any issues and ensures safety.

Jar Melo Jumbo Crayons

Jar Melo Jumbo Crayons

Should you choose these crayons for your little artist? Absolutely: their safe composition and sturdy design make them ideal for young creators.


  • Easy twist-up design avoids the need for sharpening and minimizes breakage.
  • Bright and vivid colors that glide smoothly across the page.
  • Non-toxic and washable materials make for stress-free cleanup.


  • Softer texture may not withstand heavy pressure from more enthusiastic toddlers.
  • The twist-up mechanism could be challenging for the youngest users to maneuver.
  • Because of their size, they might not be the best for detailed coloring.

After spending some time with the Jar Melo Jumbo Crayons, we’re convinced they’re a smart pick for young children who are still refining their grip and motor skills. Their size and shape are just right for small hands, which makes it easier for toddlers to express themselves through vibrant drawings. We really appreciate how the crayons are sturdy enough to survive a drop on the floor, which is an inevitable reality when it comes to kids and their art supplies.

The silky, buttery glide of these crayons was notable when creating artwork. We didn’t have to apply much pressure for the colors to pop, which is excellent for kids who have a lighter touch. The colors are rich and show up well even on lighter paper; our creations stood out with the brilliant hues.

However, with every art session, there’s bound to be a little mess. That’s another area where the Jar Melo Crayons shine—they wash out easily from most materials. Even when our adventurous art session went beyond the paper and onto the table, a quick wipe removed the colors. It’s also relieving to know that these crayons are non-toxic, putting our minds at ease.

The downside to these crayons’ softness and vibrancy is that they wear down faster under heavy use, especially if the child tends to press hard. Some parents might find the twist-up feature a little advanced for the youngest children. Lastly, while the chunky size is great for a toddler’s grip, it’s not as suitable for coloring finer details, making these crayons less versatile for different types of artwork. Despite these minor issues, the Jar Melo Jumbo Crayons are a robust choice for enabling toddlers’ creativity and come highly recommended from our use.

Buying Guide

Safety Considerations

When selecting crayons for 3-year-olds, we prioritize non-toxic materials. Young children often put objects in their mouths, so it’s crucial to choose crayons that are free from harmful chemicals.

  • Materials: Look for crayons labeled as non-toxic.
  • Shape and Size: Larger crayons or those designed with a grip are ideal for small hands.


Our young artists can be tough on their tools, so durability is key. We prefer crayons that can withstand pressure and won’t break easily when dropped or when used with enthusiasm.

  • Hardiness: Crayons should be sturdy and not prone to snapping.
  • Longevity: Opt for crayons that will last many coloring sessions.

Ease of Use

Crayons should glide smoothly on paper, allowing for a pleasing coloring experience. We also consider the ease of clean-up, as crayons can sometimes end up on surfaces other than paper.

  • Color Output: Crayons should require minimal pressure for color to show.
  • Washability: Easily washable crayons make clean-up simpler.

Variety of Colors

A range of colors inspires creativity. We seek sets that offer a diverse palette, encouraging exploration and learning.

  • Range: An ample spectrum of shades is preferable.
  • Pigmentation: Colors should be vibrant to captivate young artists.

In summary, we focus on safety, durability, usability, and color variety when guiding shoppers toward the best crayon choices for their 3-year-olds.

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