Best Crayons for 4 Year Olds: Top Picks for Young Artists

Crayons are a staple of childhood creativity, providing little ones with a gateway to express their imagination through color and form. These simple instruments aren’t just about fun: they’re a critical tool for development, helping children to improve their motor skills, recognize colors, and begin the creative process. With an array of options on the market, finding the right crayons for a 4-year-old is about striking a balance between ease of use and safety.

The best crayons for this age group are chunky, easy to grip, and non-toxic. Young children tend to press hard, drop, and occasionally chew on their crayons, so durability and safety are paramount. Non-toxicity is critical as well, as parents must have peace of mind that their children are safe if they happen to put crayons in their mouths. The size and shape of the crayons also matter since preschoolers are still refining their fine motor skills and hand strength; therefore, crayons should be sturdy and sizable enough for their small hands to manipulate.

When considering purchasing crayons for a 4-year-old, pay attention to the quality of pigmentation, how the crayons respond to different types of paper, and whether they’re washable, as spills and marks outside the paper are inevitable. It’s also beneficial to choose sets that offer a wide range of colors to foster a child’s exploration of the color spectrum.

In our pursuit to find the best crayons that meet these needs, we’ve meticulously tested and evaluated numerous crayon sets specifically designed for young children. This ensures we provide you with options that blend safety, ease of use, and a satisfactory coloring experience.

Top Crayon Sets for 4-Year-Olds

Our young artists deserve the best tools to express their creativity, and we understand the importance of finding crayons that are both safe and easy to use for little hands. Crayons are a fantastic way for 4-year-olds to explore colors, shapes, and storytelling through their drawings. In our list, we’ve selected crayons that meet our high standards for quality, durability, and washability. We’ve also considered the ergonomic needs of preschoolers, ensuring the products are perfect for their developmental stage. Join us as we unveil our picks for the crayon sets that stand out from the rest, offering your child a vibrant and joyful coloring experience.

Smlper Toddler Crayons

Smlper Crayons for Toddlers

We loved how these crayons encourage our little ones to explore their creativity safely and with ease.


  • Ergonomically designed for small hands
  • Made from non-toxic, washable material
  • Durable against breaks and drops


  • Size could pose a choking hazard
  • Smaller than expected
  • Can be mistaken for food by toddlers

Our experience with the Smlper Toddler Crayons affirmed that they’re a wonderful fit for children venturing into the world of colors and shapes. Their ergonomic design meant our kids could grasp and maneuver them without struggle—a clear departure from the frustration of handling traditional, fragile crayons.

We can’t overstate the peace of mind that comes from knowing that these crayons are non-toxic and washable. Accidental scribbles on clothes or furniture came off with a simple wipe. Plus, their stout build survived numerous drops and energetic art sessions, underscoring their durability.

However, pay attention to your little artist in the making—they might find these crayons tempting enough to taste. Their small size turned out to be both an advantage for tiny hands and a drawback due to the risk of choking. Also, a few of our kids were initially confused, thinking these were treats, not tools for art.

LiTeng Crayons

LiTeng Crayons

We recommend the LiTeng Crayons for their ease of use and vibrant colors, perfect for your four-year-old’s creative exploration.


  • Ergonomic shape for small hands
  • Washable, reducing mess and stress
  • Made with non-toxic, natural wax for safety


  • Durability may be an issue with younger children
  • Holder design could be improved for storage
  • Comparable alternatives might be found at lower prices

We’ve had our hands on the LiTeng Crayons, and we’ve put them through the rigorous testing that only a four-year-old can provide. The ergonomic design is a highlight, making it a breeze for little fingers to grasp and maneuver, which fosters confidence in their drawing and coloring.

The crayons tout a washable feature that certainly takes the edge off when those inevitable mural attempts venture off the paper and onto the walls. It’s comforting to know that cleanup won’t be a battle. Plus, using crayons made from non-toxic materials is a must, and LiTeng delivers on that front, ensuring our youngsters can create safely.

On the flip side, we’ve noticed that, though the crayons feel good in hand, their durability could be an issue. They may not withstand the enthusiastic grip of toddlers, whom to their delight, often test strength over finesse in their artful endeavors. Additionally, while the concept of the holder is appreciated, as it promises organization, it doesn’t quite fulfill its role as effectively as we hoped.

In a sea of options, you may find others that cost less. Nevertheless, the engaging colors and ease of use might just make these LiTeng Crayons a staple in your child’s artistic journey. After all, anything that encourages a love for art while keeping it contained (mostly) to the paper is a win in our book.

Crayola Mini Twistables

Crayola Mini Twistables

We think you’ll adore these crayons for their ease of use and vibrant colors, perfect for nurturing a child’s love for art.


  • No sharpening or peeling required, saving time and mess
  • Resilient build withstands the enthusiastic coloring of young artists
  • Wide range of colors ignites creative expression


  • The smaller size might be less suitable for children who prefer a chunkier grip
  • Twistable function may require adult supervision for very young children
  • Limited crayon point precision compared to traditional crayons

Crayola’s Mini Twistables make coloring an absolute delight, from their brilliant hues right down to the clever mechanism that bids farewell to the need for sharpening. We’ve watched children’s eyes light up as they select from the bounty of 50 vibrant shades, diving into coloring books with vigor. The sturdy case keeps everything organized, a blessing for on-the-go doodles and artistic sessions out of the house.

Robustness is a key feature here. These compact marvels outlast their traditional counterparts, emerging unscathed from enthusiastic use where ordinary crayons might snap. The lack of a paper wrapper means no bits of torn paper scattered around, which we found to be a significant plus. The simplicity of twistable crayons really shines through, allowing the little ones to focus on creating their masterpieces without interruption.

Some parents might be wary of crayons that can’t be sharpened to a fine point, questioning the precision they can offer. However, we found that what these crayons lack in pinpoint accuracy, they more than make up for in convenience and fun. Even Daddy can join in without fear of breaking the colors, and we’ve seen how these crayons keep on coloring long after regular ones have given up.

The Crayola Mini Twistables are a vibrant path to creativity for little hands, wrapping durability and color variety into one clever package.

Jar Melo’s First Crayons

Jar Melo Crayons

We found Jar Melo’s First Crayons to be a delightful choice for your little artist, offering vibrant colors and a mess-free experience.


  • Easy to clean, reducing worry about stains
  • Resilient to breaking, even with rough handling
  • Ergonomically designed for little hands


  • Higher price point compared to standard crayons
  • Lanyard might be a misplaced feature for some kids
  • Could include a wider range of colors

When we handed these crayons to our young testers, the excitement was palpable. The unique key shape is a hit, making it simple for them to hold and maneuver. Even after a tumble from the table, the crayons stayed intact, saving us the hassle of dealing with broken pieces scattered around the room. Color application is smooth, producing bright and cheery artwork that captures attention.

During our creative sessions, we didn’t sweat over messes, thanks to the crayons being remarkably washable. A swipe here and there on fabrics, and any stray marks were history. However, we did notice the set comes with a premium price, possibly due to its specialized design and added features like the downloadable coloring pages.

The little ones adorned themselves with the crayons hung on lanyards, although some parents might find this feature unnecessary. Also, while the 12 colors spark creativity, an expansion in the color range might be appreciated in future iterations. Despite minor drawbacks, our overall experience was significantly positive, endorsing these crayons as a valuable tool for fostering young imaginations.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

We highly recommend this art case for its range of colors and ease of use, making it a fantastic gift for creative young minds.


  • Offers a vast selection of colors for endless creativity
  • The case is sturdy and easily portable for artists on the go
  • Non-toxic materials, making it safe for children’s use


  • Markers may deplete quicker with frequent use
  • At 140 pieces, it could be overwhelming for very young children
  • Trays and compartments, while helpful, require proper maintenance to avoid mess

Our time with the Crayola Inspiration Art Case was delightful; its vibrant range of colors captured our imagination. Crafting a sunset scene felt effortless—the crayons glided on paper like butter on warm toast. The washable markers were a hit, too. They were vivid and plump with color, yet forgiving on fabric should there be any wayward strokes.

We appreciated the ease of transport with the case’s secure latch and handle. Taking our artistic endeavors to the park was a breeze. The comfort of knowing all items were neatly packed in their respective spaces provided a sense of organization that often escapes us with loose art supplies.

The non-toxic nature of the kit was the cherry on top. We could let our junior artists dabble without a worry. However, we did notice the markers lost their zeal a bit sooner than expected after frequent use. Also, while the extensive collection is a boon, it can be slightly overwhelming for smaller children to decide where to begin.

In conclusion, the Crayola Inspiration Art Case proved to be an excellent tool for engaging young artists, promoting not only creativity but also mobility and safety. Whether it’s for a festive gift or simply to restock the art closet, this set is sure to thrill and nurture any budding artist’s talent.

Buying Guide

Safety Considerations

When we choose crayons for 4-year-olds, safety is paramount. Look for non-toxic labels and certifications (like ASTM D-4236) to ensure that the crayons meet safety standards. Avoid products with small parts to reduce choking hazards.


Our little artists need crayons that are easy to hold. Crayons should be chunky enough for their small hands to grip comfortably. We also want to check for durability to withstand pressure as kids tend to apply more force while coloring.

Colors and Creativity

A range of colors is important for creative expression. We suggest a palette that includes primary, secondary, and a few additional hues to encourage color recognition and mixing.


Accidents happen, so we seek crayons that wash off easily from walls, clothes, and skin. It saves us the trouble of heavy-duty cleaning and keeps the little ones’ focus on creativity rather than mess.

Non-toxicHighConfirm safety certifications
Ergonomic ShapeHighEnsure easy grip for small hands
Variety of ColorsMediumPromote creativity and learning
WashabilityMediumLook for easy-to-clean options

Remember, while aesthetics like sparkles or scents might seem appealing, these features shouldn’t compromise the fundamental attributes of safety, ergonomics, and washability. We must prioritize function over form for the best experience.

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