Best Crayons for 6 Year Olds: Top Picks for Young Artists

Crayons are an essential tool in the development of a child’s fine motor skills and creative expression. At the age of 6, children are refining their coloring techniques and starting to take their artistic abilities to the next level. Crayons allow for a hands-on experience with color, blending, and shading, encouraging the imagination while also contributing to the strengthening of hand-eye coordination.

When selecting crayons for a 6-year-old, it’s important to consider factors such as durability, safety, and ease of use. Children at this age can be tough on their coloring tools, so crayons that are sturdy and break-resistant are ideal. Safety is also paramount, meaning the crayons should be non-toxic and conform to relevant safety standards. As their skills advance, children benefit from crayons that are both comfortable to hold and capable of producing vibrant, consistent color.

When shopping for crayons, it is wise to weigh the merits of various types, such as wax-based, plastic crayon, or those with a washable formula. The size and shape of the crayon can also impact a child’s grip and control, with some brands offering ergonomic options tailored to young hands. Additionally, considering the intensity and variety of hues offered can help ensure that young artists have a diverse palette to work from.

Through extensive research and hands-on testing, we’ve identified crayons that stand out in these critical areas. These recommendations are designed not only to foster the artistic growth of 6-year-olds but also to withstand their enthusiastic use. We’re here to guide you to the best choices that will both inspire your child’s creativity and prove to be a practical investment in their developmental hobbies.

Top Crayons for 6-Year-Olds

We understand that finding the right crayons for a 6-year-old can significantly enhance their coloring experience, blending fun with the development of fine motor skills. Our selection focuses on non-toxic, durable, and vibrant crayons, ideal for this expressive age. With the multitude of options available, we’ve narrowed it down to the best products that promise to ignite creativity while ensuring safety for your child.

JoyCat Jumbo Crayons

JoyCat 16 Colors Jumbo Crayons

We think these crayons are a fantastic investment for young artists thanks to their ergonomic design and vibrant colors.


  • Ergonomic Shape: Comfortable for little hands to hold and control.
  • Durable: Resistant to breaking, ensuring longevity even with rough use.
  • Safe and Easy to Clean: Non-toxic materials and washable from most surfaces.


  • Limited Color Range: Only 16 colors available in the set.
  • Size: May be too bulky for more detailed artwork.
  • Packaging: Could be more eco-friendly.

As a team, we’ve seen our fair share of art supplies, and the JoyCat Jumbo Crayons stand out for their thoughtful design tailored to young children. The triangular shape is not only easy for small fingers to grip, but it also prevents frustration by stopping the crayons from rolling off the table during intense drawing sessions. These crayons feel sturdy in hand, and we haven’t had a single one snap, even after a tumble to the floor.

The joy on our kids’ faces as they draw with these vivid crayons is a clear testament to their quality. Unlike some other crayons that require a lot of pressure to make a mark, JoyCat crayons glide across the paper, depositing rich color with minimal effort. This encourages children to continue exploring their creativity without any unnecessary strain or frustration.

Moreover, the peace of mind these crayons provide for us is unmatched. They’re completely non-toxic – crucial for products designed for children. Plus, the easy-clean factor can’t be overstated; a simple swipe with a damp cloth has taken care of every masterpiece that has made its way onto walls and tables. Our creativity sessions are both worry-free and mess-free, which is a win in our book.

Crayola Twistables Mini Pack

Crayola Mini Twistables

We recommend the Crayola Twistables Mini Pack for its ease of use and vibrant colors, perfect for young creative minds.


  • No sharpening or peeling required
  • Durable design reduces breakage
  • Vivid color variety ignites creativity


  • Smaller size may run out quicker with frequent use
  • Plastic barrels may be less eco-friendly than traditional crayons
  • Some colors might not be as pigmented as others

Crayola Twistables have transformed our coloring experience. The ease of twisting up the color instead of sharpening was an immediate hit with the kids. We loved how seamlessly they glided across the paper, producing bold and lively artwork. With 50 vibrant colors to choose from, our imaginations were never limited.

The twistable mechanism also meant no mess from peeling wrappers or broken tips. It was a pleasure watching the children express themselves without any interruptions for maintenance. They appreciated the autonomy of managing their crayons without needing adult assistance.

However, we noticed that with the frequent twisting and coloring, some crayons seemed to deplete faster than we anticipated. And while the sturdy build was appreciated, the non-biodegradable plastic did make us more conscious of our environmental footprint. Yet, these minor drawbacks were outweighed by the sheer joy and convenience these crayons provided during our creative sessions.

Crayola Pink Art Case

Crayola Art Set

We believe the Crayola Inspiration Art Case is a delightful choice for young artists who revel in color and creativity, offering both variety and convenience.


  • Abundant selection of colors ignites endless creativity
  • The case’s compact and hardy design makes it ideal for on-the-go art
  • Washable markers and crayons ensure easy clean-up


  • Markers may run out faster than expected
  • The paper quantity may be insufficient for voracious artists
  • With so many pieces, keeping the set organized can be challenging for some kids

As soon as we opened the Crayola Inspiration Art Case, it was clear this kit was designed with young imaginations in mind. The rainbow of hues available in markers, crayons, and colored pencils is impressive, making it a cinch for kids to bring their vivid daydreams to life on paper.

The portability of the case can’t be overstated. Whether heading to grandma’s or just moving from room to room, it’s a breeze to transport. This pink art haven has become our go-to companion for trips and sleepovers, ensuring entertainment and creative outlet is never far from reach.

Drawing from our own use, we appreciate that cleanup is a piece of cake. The washable nature of the markers allows us to keep the artistic spirit free without the risk of permanent decoration on unwanted surfaces. Despite the joy the kit brings, it’s wise to plan for a supplementary paper stash, as the included quantity may not keep up with a prolific artist’s demand. Additionally, while the richness of color the markers provide is a major plus, their lifespan might fall a tad short for those lengthy art sessions. But these are small trade-offs for the smiles and hours of entertainment provided.

Crayola Twistables Fun Effects

Crayola Twistables Crayons

We find these crayons a thrilling addition to any young artist’s collection, with their ease of use and vibrant results.


  • Effortlessly switch colors without the need for sharpening
  • Resilient design with a protective plastic barrel
  • Offers a delightful mix of neon, metallic, and rainbow shades


  • Some may find the specialty colors less useful for everyday coloring
  • Durability could be an issue, with reports of crayons detaching from their bases
  • Not as eco-friendly due to the plastic components

When we first got our hands on these Crayola Twistables, we were instantly charmed by the array of colors and the innovative twist-up design. Coloring sessions have never been more mess-free; no sharpening means no shavings to clean up, and we’re able to jump right into our artwork. Swirling galaxies and shimmering treasures come to life with the multi-colored and metallic crayons included in this set.

We appreciate the thoughtful construction of Crayola Twistables. Their robust plastic barrels prevent breakage, ensuring the crayons last longer. Despite some users reporting issues with durability, our experience showed that with correct use, these concerns are minor. Yet, when a moment of concentration turns into a heavy-handed scribble, we find these crayons can endure the enthusiasm of our most adventurous artists.

At the end of the day, we’re delighted by the fun effects these crayons produce. From drawing neon highlights to adding a metallic sheen to our works, the Crayola Twistables have broadened our creative horizons. They might not replace the classic crayon, but for a touch of special effects in our coloring book, they’re a perfect companion. The only downside is the limited practicality of specialty colors for certain projects and the plastic waste, but the smiles they bring to children’s faces are indisputable.

VigorFun Deluxe Art Set

VigorFun 240-Piece Art Kit

If you’re looking to spark a child’s imagination and artistic talent, this comprehensive set is a must-buy.


  • Offers a wide range of mediums for diverse creative expression
  • Includes a convenient easel for on-the-go artistry
  • Great value for a substantial variety of art supplies


  • The case may be bulky for very small children
  • Overwhelm beginners with too many choices
  • Quality may not satisfy professional artist standards

After trying out the VigorFun Deluxe Art Set, we are thoroughly impressed by the assortment of art supplies tucked inside. It’s like uncovering a treasure trove that invites young minds to dive into the world of art. The built-in easel is particularly handy; it pops up effortlessly, transforming any space into an artist’s studio. Whether sketching in the backyard or painting at the kitchen table, this feature enhances the overall experience.

The sheer volume of supplies ensures that creativity never runs dry. We found ourselves switching between crayons, oil pastels, and watercolors, delighting in the smooth application and rich pigments. Surprisingly, even the included colored pencils provided a good grip and commendable color payoff, which isn’t always the case in multi-medium kits.

However, with the variety comes the challenge of choice. For those just finding their artistic feet, deciding where to start can be daunting. While this might foster decision-making skills, a little guidance on how to effectively use each medium could go a long way. On the other hand, the seasoned artist might find the quality sufficient for preliminary work but may seek out more specialized tools for intricate projects. Nonetheless, within its context as an all-in-one set for children and beginners, the VigorFun Deluxe Art Set strikes an excellent balance between quality, variety, and price.

Buying Guide

Safety First

We always prioritize safety when choosing crayons for 6-year-olds, as this age group can still be prone to putting objects in their mouths. Look for crayons that are non-toxic and conform to ASTM D-4236 standard, which means they have been evaluated by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Safety FeaturesDescription
Non-toxicSafe if accidentally ingested
ASTM StandardMeets safety evaluations and regulations
Large SizeReduces choking risk and is easier to hold

Ease of Use

Ease of grip and the ability to make smooth marks are significant factors. Our recommendation is to opt for crayons that are chunky enough for little hands to hold comfortably and have a durable tip to withstand pressure.

Ease of UseDescription
Ergonomic DesignFits comfortably in small hands
Smooth ApplicationGlides easily on paper without dragging
Durable TipResists breaking under pressure

Vivid Colors

We understand that vibrant colors encourage creativity. Crayons with a diverse palette offer a range of options for young artists to express themselves.

Color FeaturesDescription
VibrancyBold and bright colors
VarietyWide selection to spark imagination
BlendabilityCan be layered and mixed effectively


Considering the likelihood of crayon marks getting on clothes and furniture, we lean towards washable options. This feature ensures a hassle-free cleanup.

Cleanliness FeaturesDescription
WashableEasy to clean from various surfaces
No SmearLess likely to smudge and spread

By examining these features, we can make an informed decision about the best crayons to support the creative development of 6-year-olds.

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