Best Crayons for 8 Year Olds: Top Picks for Creativity and Safety

Crayons have been an essential tool in the developmental stages of a child’s creativity, providing an accessible and tangible way to translate imagination onto paper. While they may seem simple, crayons come in a variety of textures, colors, and compositions suited for artists of different ages and skill levels. At the age of eight, children often refine their motor skills and begin to take their artistic endeavors more seriously, which is why finding the right crayons becomes critical to fostering their artistic growth.

What sets crayons apart for eight-year-olds is the delicate balance between durability and ease of use. Children at this age require crayons that can withstand their newfound strength and sometimes heavy-handed artistry, without sacrificing the crayon’s ability to produce a smooth, vibrant mark. This means looking for high-quality materials that ensure longevity and a rich color payoff. Non-toxicity is also a key factor since health and safety should never be compromised.

When selecting crayons for this age group, it’s crucial to consider the ergonomics of the crayon’s design. Crayons with larger grips or triangular shapes can help maintain proper hold and reduce strain during longer drawing sessions. This design consideration promotes comfort, control, and the continued development of proper writing and drawing techniques.

After substantial testing and analysis, we’ve identified a selection of crayons that hit all the marks necessary for budding artists at the eight-year-old mark. Our considerations included color vibrancy, durability, comfort, non-toxic materials, and overall value, ensuring that every recommendation will enhance their drawing experience. Let’s explore the best crayons that cater to the needs and nuances of eight-year-old creators.

Top Crayons for 8-Year-Olds

We understand the importance of nurturing creativity from a young age, which is why we’ve curated a selection of the best crayons for 8-year-olds. Crafting this list, we considered factors like ease of use, color range, durability, and non-toxic materials to ensure kids can safely and freely express their artistic side. These crayons provide the quality and vibrancy needed for young artists to create with confidence.

Crayola Twistable Scented Crayons

Crayola Silly Scents Twistables

If you’re after a fun twist on coloring, these Crayola scented crayons might just be what your child needs to bring a new sensory dimension to their creative works.


  • The twistable design means no sharpening is ever needed which keeps things tidy.
  • Scents are pleasurable and can make the coloring experience more enjoyable for kids.
  • Durable design helps prevent breakage, even in the hands of the most enthusiastic artists.


  • The scents, while delightful, might not be distinguishable for everyone.
  • If dropped repeatedly, the crayon tips can still break despite the sturdy casing.
  • The novelty of scents might distract some children from the actual task of coloring.

When we picked up the Crayola Silly Scents Twistables, the playful scents wafted through the air, turning a routine drawing session into an entertaining sniff-and-sketch adventure. Each vibrant color reminded us of different fruits and treats, which the kids found amusing and engaging. The crayons glided smoothly on paper, delivering bold and bright lines that made each drawing pop.

The twistable function also impressed us, as it not only kept our hands clean but eliminated the need for a sharpener—handy when we’re out and about. We were equally grateful for the sturdy plastic barrels; they provided a reassuring heft and robustness that seemed to defy the enthusiastic pressure of an eight-year-old’s hand.

However, it’s worth noting that while the scents add a dimension of fun, they could be a bit much for children with sensitivity to strong smells. Also, we did encounter a bit of frustration when a few tips broke after a spirited drop contest onto a hardwood floor—a reminder that while durable, they’re not indestructible.

Overall, our experience with the Crayola Silly Scents Twistables was a colorful journey through a world of delightful aromas. They reinforced our belief that sometimes, the simplest tools can unlock the door to a world of creativity and sensory exploration.

Mr. Pen Gel Crayons

Mr. Pen Gel Crayons

We think these Mr. Pen Gel Crayons are a fantastic choice for any 8-year-old who loves to color, offering ease of use and vibrant results.


  • No sharpening required with the twistable design.
  • Gently glide across paper, great for young artists’ hands.
  • Bright, pigmented colors that enhance any artwork.


  • Nibs might be too large for intricate coloring tasks.
  • Not ideal if you prefer the classic crayon feel—these are creamier.
  • Gel material may require careful handling to avoid smearing.

Coloring should be hassle-free and fun, which is why we’re impressed with these gel crayons. They work brilliantly for both kids and adults, allowing creativity to flow without the need for sharpening or peeling wrappers.

Our experience has shown that the colors pop magnificently on paper, and the smooth application means less pressure is required during use. This can be especially beneficial for young users who might otherwise press hard and break traditional crayons.

As for cleanup, these crayons make it a breeze. Unlike some crayons that leave residue or waxy buildup, these glide on and stay put, meaning less cleanup for us after an art session. However, if you’re working on a project requiring fine details, the nib size might pose a challenge, and the soft nature of the gel does mean they’re more prone to smudging if not handled properly.

All in all, Mr. Pen Gel Crayons are a joy to use, perfect for bringing any coloring book to life or freehand drawing. Still, as with all art supplies, they have their quirks—nothing that should deter a budding artist, though.

Crayola Mini Twistables

Crayola Mini Twistables

We think these crayons are a fantastic choice for little artists due to their ease of use and vibrant colors.


  • No sharpening or peeling required
  • Durable construction withstands pressure
  • Wide array of colors sparks creativity


  • Smaller size might be less suitable for older kids
  • Not as precise as traditional crayons for detailed work
  • Can be a bit more expensive than classic crayons

Crafting with the Crayola Mini Twistables has shown us their impressive durability. Designed to endure the enthusiastic pressure from young users, you won’t find yourself constantly replacing broken pieces. This resilience is a massive relief, considering the frustration of snapping crayons mid-stroke – something we’ve undoubtedly experienced with the average crayon.

The ease of use is a game-changer; no more hunting for sharpeners or dealing with paper wrappers. This feature alone makes the Twistables a valued addition to our art supplies. We’ve seen how kids can continue their creative flow uninterrupted, not losing a beat when changing colors, which keeps their engagement and enjoyment levels high.

Color selection is essential for any artistic endeavor. With a wide variety of hues to play with, our little ones have been able to let their imagination run wild, creating a rainbow of artwork that brightens our home. However, we did notice that, while the vibrant array is impressive, they don’t allow for the fine detail that some older kids working on more intricate designs might require.

These crayons are an exceptional tool for youngsters, guaranteeing a cleaner, longer-lasting coloring experience that we can take with us on the go. Despite the cost being a notch higher and the size sometimes challenging for more advanced artists, our overall experience has been overwhelmingly positive.

Art 101 Doodle and Color Art Set

Art 101 Doodle and Color Art Set

We think this Art 101 Doodle and Color Art Set is a must-have for young artists looking to explore different mediums, thanks to its rich selection of colors and tools.


  • Offers a wide variety of coloring tools, including crayons, colored pencils, and watercolors
  • Convenient and durable wood carrying case for storage and transport
  • Encourages creativity with an extensive color palette and multiple mediums to experiment with


  • Contents such as crayons may shift during shipping, leading to breakages or missing pieces
  • Some may find the color intensity of the crayons to be less vibrant than expected
  • Included art supplies are of varying quality; while some are exceptional, others may be more suitable for beginners

Upon opening the wood case of the Art 101 Doodle and Color Art Set, we’re greeted with an array of colors that spark the imagination. The inclusion of 24 premium colored pencils is commendable—they lay down smoothly on paper, making shading a breeze. Blending the crayons and oil pastels opens up a new dimension of artistic possibility that will surely captivate any eight-year-old.

Transporting this art kit is a pleasure, not just because of how organized it keeps the supplies, but because the case itself is sturdy, has a professional look, and a secure latch. Whether we’re in the park or at a friend’s house, everything is in one place and ready for creativity to unfold.

Through our use, we’ve noticed that while the quality impresses us overall, we’d be remiss not to mention that the intensity of some crayons could be better. A young artist can still create vibrant works, but it may take a few more strokes than expected. This isn’t a dealbreaker, though; the joy and convenience of having so many mediums at hand easily make up for it.

Overall, we’re quite taken with the Art 101 Doodle and Color Art Set. It’s an artist’s treasure chest that promises hours of creative exploration.

Crayola Twistable Fun Effects

Crayola Twistables

We found these crayons perfect for kids who love to add a creative twist to their coloring, offering a multitude of fun effects.


  • Vibrant and varied colors enhance the drawing experience
  • No need for sharpening saves time and mess
  • Durable design withstands the enthusiasm of young artists


  • Limited scope for replacing just one color
  • Could be a bit pricey compared to regular crayons
  • Not refillable, which might concern eco-conscious users

With the Crayola Twistables, our coloring took on a whole new level of excitement. The range of effects, from metallic to neon, elevated our drawings and gave them a pop that regular crayons just can’t match. We felt quite adventurous exploring the unexpected blends each twistable crayon yielded.

We appreciated the convenience of not having to sharpen these crayons. It kept our fun uninterrupted and our workspace clean. Plus, their robust build means no broken bits of crayon to contend with – a common frustration when we’re in the middle of a masterpiece.

Yet, we did encounter a slight inconvenience. Once a favorite crayon runs out, we’re pressed to buy a new set since they’re not sold individually. This can feel wasteful and is definitely a point to consider for those of us who are mindful of consumption.

In sum, these Twistables made our coloring sessions a vibrant joy. Despite the limitations on individual crayon replacement and non-refillable nature, we found the positives like the vivid effects and sturdy construction to outweigh the downsides. If you’re after variety and ease, these crayons are a wise pick.

Buying Guide

When we select crayons for 8-year-olds, we prioritize safety, ease of use, and the capacity for creative expression. Let’s break down the key features to consider:

Safety First

We always check that the crayons are non-toxic and conform to ASTM D-4236 standards. This ensures they are safe for children to use.

  • Materials: Look for crayons made from safe, non-toxic materials.
  • Age Appropriateness: Ensure the product is recommended for the age group of 8-year-olds.

Ergonomics and Durability

At this age, a child’s motor skills are developing, so we look for crayons that are both comfortable to hold and hard to break.

  • Shape: Crayons should be easy to grip for prolonged periods of drawing.
  • Strength: Crayons should resist breaking with normal pressure.

Color and Creativity

The range and vibrancy of colors available can significantly affect a child’s creative experience.

Color VarietyA diverse palette for broad artistic expression.
Pigment QualityBright, clear colors that show up well on paper.

Ease of Use

Crayons should be straightforward for an 8-year-old to use without frustration.

  • Paper Interaction: Crayons should glide smoothly, without too much resistance or crumbling.
  • Sharpening: Crayons should maintain their point or have easy sharpening options.

Environmental Impact

We’re aware of our environmental footprint and seek products that reflect these values.

  • Sustainability: Prefer crayons that are made with environmentally conscious methods and materials.
  • Packaging: Packaging should be minimal and recyclable where possible.

By focusing on these attributes, we ensure that the crayons we select not only foster a fun and safe creative experience but also support the developmental needs of 8-year-olds.

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