Best Sidewalk Chalk for 7 Year Old Girls: Vibrant & Easy-to-Use Options

Sidewalk chalk extends the canvas of creativity beyond paper, allowing children to express themselves on a larger scale. It’s not just a means for artistic expression; it facilitates outdoor play and can be an educational tool as well. For 7-year-old girls, sidewalk chalk serves as a portal to a world of imagination, where they can draw anything from hopscotch grids to elaborate fairy tale scenes. This simple tool, often made from a formula of gypsum or calcium sulfate, is beloved for its temporary and vibrant markings.

When choosing the best sidewalk chalk, it’s essential to consider factors such as color variety, ease of use, and washability. Young artists are attracted to a wide spectrum of colors that can bring their ideas to life. The chalk should be large enough to hold comfortably, as smaller pieces might break easily in little hands. Non-toxicity is crucial too, as safety is paramount when it comes to children’s products. Furthermore, the best chalk will wash away easily after a rain shower or with a quick spray from a hose, leaving a blank slate for new creations.

We acknowledge that durability is also a key concern. Chalk that crumbles too quickly can be frustrating for a child and wasteful. As a result, we prioritize finding chalk that withstands repeated use while still providing bright, smooth coverage on a variety of sidewalk and driveway surfaces. We recognize that longevity in use ensures both value for parents and sustained enjoyment for kids.

Our diligent research and testing of various sidewalk chalk options have narrowed down the selections to those that stand out for their vibrant colors, ergonomic design, and easy cleaning. Our goal is to help guardians find chalk that is not only fun and stimulating for their 7-year-old girls but that also aligns with the practical considerations of price and longevity.

Top Picks for Sidewalk Chalk for 7-Year-Old Girls

Our selected assortment of sidewalk chalk encompasses the ideal blend of quality, creativity, and safety, tailored for young artists. Whether for hopscotch, murals, or a parent-child activity, we’ve ensured these products will cater to the diverse interests of 7-year-old girls, keeping fun and development in mind.

Butterfly Garden Chalk Set

Butterfly Garden Chalk Set

We recommend this vibrant sidewalk chalk for its ability to spark creativity and its easy-to-clean nature, making it a favorite for both kids and parents.


  • Variety of whimsical shapes to inspire creativity
  • Washable, easily rinsed off for a fresh canvas
  • Ample chalk supply for extended playtime


  • Specific shapes may wear down quickly with heavy use
  • Limited to outdoor use unless you have a chalkboard at home
  • Flowers and butterflies might not appeal to every child

This Butterfly Garden Chalk Set is literally a burst of color in hand. The various shapes, including butterflies and flowers, have delighted my seven-year-old niece immensely. Playtime has never been the same as she covers the driveway with her own garden.

Not only do the shapes inspire, but the washability ensures the fun is never truly over. We’ve transformed our driveway multiple times in an afternoon. The chalk dust rinses away easily, prepping for another round of doodles and hopscotch grids.

There’s a practical side to these sticks and shapes as well. While my niece sketches away her latest scene, her grip strengthens and her coordination improves. It’s a fun tool for her development that feels nothing like learning. We’ve all enjoyed the Butterfly Garden Chalk Set and it continues to be a staple for outdoor play at our gatherings.

L.O.L. Surprise! Chalk Alive

L.O.L. Surprise! Chalk Alive

We think the L.O.L. Surprise! Chalk Alive set is a whimsical choice for creative girls, merging traditional sidewalk art with cutting-edge technology for loads of fun.


  • Engages kids with augmented reality
  • Easy-to-use stencils foster creativity
  • The chalks are vibrant and easy to handle


  • App required for full experience
  • Only six chalk colors limited variety
  • Heavier reliance on technology than traditional chalk

Harnessing a dash of technology, we transformed the driveway into a canvas of virtual amusement with the L.O.L. Surprise! Chalk Alive kit. Its ability to pair playful chalk drawings with augmented reality experiences was an instant hit. We loved how the animations sprang to life when scanned, making our art interactive and exponentially more engaging.

As we colored within the stencils, we noticed the quality of the sidewalk chalks – they lay down smoothly with a consistency that’s firm yet not prone to snapping under pressure. The pointed tips proved useful for both broad strokes and finer details in our artwork. Plus, cleaning up was a breeze; the chalk’s washable nature meant no lasting marks on clothes or concrete.

A small caveat surfaced; we needed our smartphone to harness the full spectrum of the chalk’s magic. While playing with the app is thrilling, sometimes you want simplicity in outdoor play. Yet, we couldn’t help but appreciate the modern twist on a timeless outdoor activity. Our shared moments of joy, crafting and observing our virtual art adventures, underscored why technology, when integrated thoughtfully, is a welcome addition to playtime.

Ctosree Kids’ Chalk Set

Ctosree Sidewalk Chalk

Our creativity blossomed with Ctosree’s Chalk Set, turning sidewalks into colorful canvases with a delightful variety of shapes.


  • Vivid and varied colors enhance outdoor art
  • Charming designs like unicorns and ice creams captivate children’s interests
  • Generous set size encourages sharing and group play


  • May not be suitable for younger children due to size and shape
  • Limited reviews to gauge long-term durability
  • Potential for color discrepancies due to screen differences

When we got our hands on the Ctosree Kids’ Chalk Set, the first thing we noticed was the brightness of the colors. They popped against the concrete, instantly making our drawings more vivid than we thought possible. The whimsical shapes, from doughnuts to unicorns, weren’t just cute; they spurred our imaginations, inspiring us to craft more intricate designs on the sidewalk.

The plentiful amount in the pack meant we had ample pieces to go around, making it perfect for young artists to share with friends. Collaborative artwork became not just an activity but a bustling social event on our block.

Despite all the positives, there were a few points to consider. The chalk’s unique shapes could be a bit challenging for smaller hands, requiring more dexterity than standard sticks. Emerging artists may need some guidance at first. Also, with just a couple of reviews, we couldn’t quite predict how well the chalk would hold up over time through the lens of other consumers’ experiences.

In conclusion, the Ctosree Chalk Set has transformed our outdoor playtime. Its strong points certainly eclipse the few potential downsides. Sharing and crafting with such appealing tools have brought us hours of enjoyment and vivid masterpieces to our driveways.

Melissa & Doug Chalk Set

Melissa & Doug My First Sidewalk Chalk Set With Holders

We think this chalk set with holders is a perfect fit for young artists looking to create without the mess.


  • Ergonomic holders make for easy gripping.
  • Chalk dust is kept to a minimum, maintaining clean hands.
  • Durable holders that are reusable and refillable.


  • Chalk tips wear down somewhat quickly.
  • Chalk size may require frequent adjusting in the holder.
  • A limited color range for expansive creativity.

Creating art on the sidewalk has never been so enjoyable and mess-free. As we picked up the Melissa & Doug Chalk Set, the holders felt sturdy and comfortable in our hands—a clear sign of thoughtful design catered to little ones’ gripping abilities. Moreover, the way the holders minimized the inevitable chalk dust allowed us to focus on our creativity rather than on the cleanup.

Drawing with the chalk itself was a pure delight. The colors are vibrant and glide smoothly across the concrete canvas. We noted how these tools not only foster artistic talents but also enhance motor skills in young children, an essential aspect of their development. The chalk set indeed proved to be a nifty little addition to our outdoor activities, encouraging more playtime without the stress of a major cleanup afterwards.

We must admit, though, we did encounter a slight hiccup. The chalk tends to get worn down rather quickly, which meant we had to adjust the holders now and then to keep going. While this wasn’t a deal-breaker, we hope to see an improvement in chalk longevity in the future. The color variety, while satisfactory, could also benefit from a few more shades to truly bring our pavement pictures to life. Regardless, we were pleased with the easy-to-use design and the enduring holders—elements that certainly save time and resources in the long term.

JA-RU Unicorn Chalk Stix

JA-RU Unicorn Chalk Stix

Our little artists found the JA-RU Unicorn Chalk Stix to be a delightful way to bring their sidewalk dreams to colorful life.


  • Vibrant, multi-colored design inspires creativity.
  • Perfectly sized for smaller hands to grip and draw with ease.
  • Washable, making cleanup a breeze.


  • Only three sticks in a pack – more would be merrier.
  • A single gold color may limit creative expression.
  • Packaging could be more eco-friendly.

The moment we opened the JA-RU Unicorn Chalk Stix, our surroundings blossomed with imagination. The three chalk pieces, arrayed in swirling colors and one in lustrous gold, beckoned our seven-year-olds to create their playground masterpieces.

As we tried them out, we were indeed impressed by the ease with which the sticks glided over the concrete. Their jumbo size made handling a joy for little hands, which lent to an afternoon filled with confident strokes and laughter as the kids drew their dreams onto the canvas of our driveway.

Washability proved its worth when rain fell, cleansing the slate for another day of fun. Without worrying about stained clothes or persistent marks, saying goodbye to unicorns and rainbows was never a sad affair.

However, with only a trio to play with, there was a want for more – a single pack feels scant for a full driveway art session. Moreover, while the golden chalk added a touch of magic, an additional hue or two would not have gone amiss.

In the future, we would love to see a more environmentally conscious approach to the product’s packaging, enhancing its appeal to eco-aware families.

Nonetheless, our experience with the JA-RU Unicorn Chalk Stix was thoroughly positive. We forged countless memories, and the ease of creating vivid, washable art with a simple stick of chalk cannot be overstated. For any parent or guardian considering a purchase, these charming chalks are a wise addition to a child’s creative arsenal.

Buying Guide

Safety Concerns

We want to ensure the sidewalk chalk we choose is non-toxic, since safety is paramount. Look for products that comply with ASTM D-4236 standards, indicating they’ve been evaluated by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Product Quality

Quality of chalk affects the drawing experience. We seek chalk that is solid enough not to break easily yet soft enough to create smooth lines on sidewalk surfaces.

Colors and Variety

Our young artists love a vibrant selection of colors. A good variety of hues stimulates creativity and can make drawing activities more enjoyable.

CriteriaWhat to Look For
TextureShould be smooth, not overly dusty
DurabilityResistant to breaking during use
VibrancyBright, pigmented colors


For a comfortable grip, we consider the size and shape of the chalk. It should fit well in a seven-year-old’s hand.


Outdoor fun can be messy, so we opt for chalk that’s easy to wash off sidewalks, clothing, and skin with water.


We prefer packaging that is reusable and easy to store, keeping the chalk organized and protected from the elements.

To Summarize:

  • Ensure non-toxic materials in line with ASTM D-4236 standards.
  • Seek a good balance between durability and ease of use.
  • Look for a diverse and vibrant color selection.
  • Consider ergonomics for small hands.
  • Choose easily washable chalk.
  • Opt for convenient, protective packaging.

By keeping these features in mind, we can make a well-informed choice for our young artist’s sidewalk chalk needs.

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