Best Sidewalk Chalk for 9 Year Old Girls: Top Picks for Artistic Play

Sidewalk chalk has been a staple of childhood play for generations, offering a canvas as vast as a driveway or sidewalk. It’s a marvelous way for children to express their creativity, hone fine motor skills, and engage in outdoor play. As we consider the best sidewalk chalk for 9-year-old girls, it’s essential to focus on products that spark imagination and provide a safe, vibrant medium for their artistic endeavors.

At this age, girls are developing more detailed and complex drawing abilities. They require chalk that is both durable and capable of producing clear, intense colors. The best options often come in a variety of shapes, catering both to ease of grip for smaller hands and to the creation of unique textures and effects on the pavement.

When selecting the ideal sidewalk chalk, we prioritize non-toxic ingredients for safety, a wide range of colors to inspire diverse artwork, and ease of clean-up since parents appreciate products that wash away without leaving any stains. Furthermore, we consider the product’s resistance to breaking, as firmer chalk will last longer and provide better value.

Having assessed multiple sidewalk chalk options with these criteria in mind, we have pinpointed selections that offer a balance of quality, safety, and creative potential. Our research aims to ensure that the chalk allows for hours of fun, imaginative play, and enhances the outdoor experience for 9-year-old girls.

Top Picks for Sidewalk Chalk for 9-Year-Old Girls

We understand the importance of fostering creativity in young children, especially for 9-year-old girls who are expanding their artistic horizons. That’s why we’ve curated a selection of sidewalk chalk that combines quality, color variety, and ease of use to provide hours of fun and expression. Our chosen products meet the standards for durability and washability, so kids can create vibrant outdoor masterpieces that are simple to clean up.

Butterfly Garden Chalk Set


We think the Butterfly Garden Chalk Set is a fantastic choice for encouraging creativity and outdoor play for young artists.


  • Vibrant colors and fun shapes inspire creativity
  • Easily washable, which allows for endless art sessions
  • Ample quantity for group play or parties


  • Chalk could break if dropped on hard surfaces
  • Standard sticks may deplete faster than shaped pieces
  • May not be suitable for very rough pavement

During our time with the Butterfly Garden Chalk Set, we discovered its vibrant hues bring the pavement to life, offering a refreshing twist on the classic sidewalk canvas. The butterfly and flower shapes aren’t just to please the eye; they’re great for grip, and they hold up reasonably well to enthusiastic drawing.

Having shared this set with friends, we enjoyed how the variety catered to the differing whims of each child. Whether it was drawing hopscotch or creating a colorful garden, the activity kept everyone engaged. The fine point allows for details, and when it’s time to clean up, a rinse is all it takes.

This chalk isn’t just for kids. We’ve seen parents and older siblings join in, turning sidewalk art into a family affair. That being said, we noticed the sticks could break if they’re dropped from a height, though this is a common issue with most sidewalk chalks. Still, our overall experience was overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to many more afternoons of colorful fun.

Jar Melo Jumbo Chalk Set

Jar Melo Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk

We found this sidewalk chalk set to be a delightful choice for young artists who love to express themselves on the canvas of the outdoors.


  • Comes with a diverse range of vivid colors and fun patterns
  • Chalk sticks are easy to grip for small hands, reducing breakage
  • Washable chalk, making cleanup a breeze


  • Could include a black or darker shade for better contrast
  • The included chalk holders aren’t the most durable
  • Swirled and patterned chalks might not be as versatile as solid colors

The Jar Melo Jumbo Chalk Set has risen to the occasion, providing our young artist with an abundance of choices for her sidewalk masterpiece. The myriad of colors and patterns in the set sparked her creativity, and the marbled and swirled sticks added a twist to the usual monotony of solid chalks.

We appreciated the thoughtful design geared towards children. The chunky shape of the chalks ensured they were easy to hold, and they reliably stayed put in little hands. Even during the exuberance of hopscotch and tic-tac-toe, the chalks stood up to the enthusiastic play without snapping, which is a common problem with thinner sticks.

Cleaning up was just as satisfying as watching the art take shape. The vibrant marks left on the sidewalk and driveway after a full day’s play washed away with the next rainfall. And if any spirited strokes landed on clothing, a quick cycle in the washing machine lifted the colors away without a trace.

Overall, the Jar Melo Jumbo Chalk Set hits the mark for fun, usability, and clean-up, making it an excellent option for sidewalk play and artistic exploration.

Crayola Glitter Chalk

Glitter Chalk

We think these sparkling sticks are a must-have for your creative little one to brighten up the pavement.


  • Vibrant colors that truly pop
  • Easily washable from surfaces
  • Adds a unique glitter effect to outdoor drawings


  • Chalk may break if dropped hard
  • Glitter might not show up as expected in all lighting
  • Price can fluctuate, making it less of a steal sometimes

When we got our hands on Crayola’s Glitter Chalk, the first thing we noticed was the vibrancy of the colors. As soon as the chalk hit the sidewalk, it was like a rainbow had landed right in our driveway, and the glitter? It shimmered in the sunlight, adding that extra touch of magic to our artwork. A regular hopscotch grid turned into a dazzling display that caught every neighbor’s eye.

The joy on our little artists’ faces was worth every penny. Even better was the knowledge that the chalk is washable. A quick dash of water from the hose, and our canvas was wiped clean, ready for another day of imagination and play. It’s a fantastic way for kids to showcase their creativity without any permanent mess.

However, it wasn’t all sparkle and shine. We had to be gentle with the chalk as it could break when dropped, which did happen once or twice in the throes of artistic fervor. The glitter effect also varied depending on the lighting—looking fantastic under direct sunlight but a bit underwhelming on a cloudy day. While our hearts skipped at the initial price point we found, it did hop around a bit on subsequent checks, which is a slight inconvenience.

In all, our time with Glitter Chalk from Crayola was mostly dazzling. There’s something truly delightful about watching your pavement come to life with these glitter-infused colors. Sure, they have their quirks, but what artist doesn’t? The pros definitely outweigh the cons, and we’d recommend it to anyone looking to add a bit of shimmer to their sidewalk masterpieces.

Boley Donut Chalk

Boley Donut Chalk

We found these adorable donut-shaped chalks to be a burst of fun and creativity for any nine-year-old artist.


  • Encourages outdoor play with fun, donut-shaped designs
  • Vibrant colors make sidewalk art pop
  • Easy to clean up, being washable from many surfaces


  • Size may be unwieldy for smaller hands
  • Durability could be an issue with more vigorous use
  • Limited variety with only six pieces

The Boley Donut Chalk set turned our sidewalk into a canvas of vibrant art. We reveled in the multitude of colors that glided smoothly across the concrete. The donut shapes weren’t just visually appealing; they also added a touch of whimsy to our art session. Each chalk was like a little work of art on its own.

As we used the chalk, we appreciated how the colors stood out against the pavement. The rainbow hues were perfect for creating a wide range of designs, from simple hopscotch grids to more elaborate murals. The pieces were just the right size for our grip, although we could see how smaller hands might struggle a bit to hold onto the donut shape with the same ease.

While these chalks performed wonderfully in terms of their vibrancy and ease of use, their novelty shape did pose a slight challenge in terms of precision for detailed drawings. Additionally, during our more enthusiastic drawing, we noticed some wear, suggesting they might not last as long as we’d like. Nonetheless, the Boley Donut Chalk set has been a delightful addition to our outdoor playtime, sparking joy and creativity.

Toysmith Jumbo Chalk

Toysmith Jumbo Chalk

If you’re on the hunt for vibrant, easy-to-handle sidewalk chalk for creative kids, this set from Toysmith should be at the top of your list.


  • Variety of bright colors that pop on the sidewalk
  • Chunky size perfect for small hands to grip
  • Comes in a handy storage tub with a handle for portability


  • The plastic container may arrive damaged, impacting storage utility
  • Chalk can break if thrown or dropped hard, although pieces remain usable
  • A few users reported the actual chalk colors to be duller than expected

The moment we opened the Toysmith Jumbo Chalk bucket, the variety of colors invited us to transform the drab pavement into a mosaic of fun. The chalk’s oversized design made it super easy for little fingers to grab onto and they didn’t struggle at all to create their sidewalk masterpieces.

Despite a tumble or two, the chalk proved resilient. Sure, a piece snapped when it hit the ground from a mighty throw, but even the broken bits were large enough to continue the fun without a hitch. Their breakage seems to be an opportunity for a new shape, rather than an end to the fun.

After an afternoon of play, cleaning up was a breeze. A splash of water and the chalk washed away, leaving the sidewalk ready for the next day’s canvas. The storage tub, while a hit for its convenience, did raise some eyebrows; it wasn’t as sturdy as we’d hoped. Yet overall, Toysmith’s chalk brought endless joy and opportunities for creativity to our playdate.

Buying Guide

When selecting sidewalk chalk for 9-year-old girls, there are several factors we take into account to ensure the product meets our needs. Here’s a structured guide to assist in making an informed decision:

Quality and Safety

We prioritize non-toxic, dustless chalk that conforms to safety standards. Look for:

  • Safety certifications: ASTM D-4236 indicates that the product is evaluated by toxicologists.
  • Material: Chalk should be made of safe ingredients that don’t irritate skin or cause allergic reactions.

Colors and Creativity

We value a diverse color palette for creative expression.

Variety of colorsHigh
BrightnessModerate to High

Having a variety of bright, blendable colors encourages artistic development.

Durability and Ease of Use

Consider how long the chalk lasts and how easy it is to handle.

  • Size and shape: Ergonomic shapes are easier for small hands to grip.
  • Breakage resistance: Thicker chalk tends to break less easily.

Packaging and Storage

Proper packaging keeps chalk organized and prevents messes.

  • Reusable containers: A durable container with a secure lid is ideal.
  • Individual slots: These help prevent color transfer and breakage.


We seek options that provide good value without compromising on quality.

  • Quantity: More pieces generally offer better value, but balance this with the likelihood of use.
  • Versatility: Consider if the chalk can be used on various surfaces.

By carefully considering these features, we can make a choice that ensures quality, creativity, and value for 9-year-old girls engaging in sidewalk chalk activities.

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