Best Electric Scooter for 11 Year Old Girls: 2024 Top Picks and Safety Features

Electric scooters have surged in popularity over the past few years, carving out a niche in the personal transportation sector. They offer a blend of convenience, fun, and eco-friendliness that appeals to a wide audience, including young riders. For 11-year-old girls, an electric scooter is more than a ride; it’s a ticket to freedom, adventure, and social interaction. As the technology advances, these scooters have become safer and more tailored to the needs of younger users, with features such as adjustable speeds and enhanced battery life, making them a practical choice for parents looking to buy a smart, engaging gift for their children.

Choosing the right electric scooter for an 11-year-old girl involves considering several critical factors to ensure both the rider’s enjoyment and safety. The weight and height of the scooter should be suited to the child’s size, allowing her to handle it comfortably. Durability is important, as the scooter will be subject to the rough and tumble that comes from being enthusiastically used by kids. Other crucial considerations include the battery life for sustained play, speed settings to match the rider’s skill level, and safety features such as responsive brakes, sturdy wheels, and a stable deck to stand on. Also, one must not overlook the style, as the aesthetic appeal of the scooter often holds significant sway in a child’s choice.

After numerous hours spent analyzing the market trends, reviewing user feedback, and evaluating product specifications, we have identified key models that stand out for their quality, safety, and the sheer joy they provide to the young ones. These scooters are designed to grow with the user, balancing the line between a toy and a genuine mode of transportation.

Top Electric Scooters for 11-Year-Old Girls

Our selection of electric scooters strikes the perfect balance between safety, performance, and style to match the needs of 11-year-old girls. These scooters are designed keeping in mind their lightweight frames, ease of use, and the fun quotient that every child craves. We’ve ensured that each option on our list meets the highest standards of quality and comes from reputable manufacturers known for their dedication to child safety and product reliability. Whether your child is a beginner or looking to upgrade to a more advanced model, our carefully curated selection promises a choice that will bring excitement to every ride while maintaining peace of mind for the parents.


EVERCROSS EV06C Electric Scooter

After riding the EVERCROSS EV06C, we’re confident it’s a solid choice for young riders who crave a bit of fun and independence.


  • Bright LED lights enhance visibility and cool factor
  • Adjustable stem and handlebars grow with your child
  • One-step folding system makes storage a breeze


  • Motor engagement requires a minimum speed, so no zero start
  • Speed modes and mileage might vary with various factors
  • Electronic brake may take some getting used to

When we took the EVERCROSS EV06C out for a spin, the first thing we noticed was how it made heads turn with its flashy, colorful lights that kids absolutely love. It’s not just about the looks, though; this scooter feels sturdy without being too heavy, which means kids can handle it quite easily. The foldability was a hit too—our little test riders were able to fold it on their own, which they were pretty proud of!

What really stood out was the adjustable stem and handle height. It’s great knowing that as kids grow, the EV06C can grow with them, ensuring a comfortable ride throughout their pre-teens. Parents will appreciate the straightforward assembly process and the scooter’s overall durability.

However, we did notice riders must push to a certain speed before the motor kicks in. While this isn’t a major issue, it’s something for first-time electric scooter riders to get used to. As for the braking system, it’s effective, but it took some practice for our riders to feel confident—it’s a learning curve just like any other new feature. In terms of battery life and speed modes, they’re sufficient for playful rides and commuting to school or parks, though actual performance varies based on weight and terrain.

Razor E100 Sweet Pea

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

We found the Razor E100 Sweet Pea to be an excellent starter scooter for young girls, featuring a sleek design and solid performance.


  • Vibrant, girl-friendly design that stands out
  • Sturdy build quality suited for daily use
  • Intuitive operation for young riders


  • Battery life may feel limited during extended play
  • Low ground clearance requires careful handling on uneven surfaces
  • Some assembly required, which could be tricky

Riding around the neighborhood on the Razor E100 Sweet Pea, we immediately notice how its vibrant color makes it a hit among kids, especially young girls admiring the scooter’s playful appeal. The steel frame gives a reassuring confidence as we weave through the sidewalk, ensuring it’ll withstand some knocks and bumps along the way.

We appreciate how the scooter handles – it’s smooth and responsive. Accelerating up to 10 mph feels exhilarating yet safe, thanks to the efficient front brake system. The deck is spacious enough for comfortable footing, allowing for a secure stand while cruising.

However, always keep an eye on the battery indicator. The 40-minute run time can pass quickly when we’re having fun, and we need to remember it requires downtime for charging. Also, we found it’s best to stick to smooth pathways; the scooter’s clearance doesn’t cater well to rough terrain.

Overall, the Razor E100 Sweet Pea strikes us as a dependable and fun choice for an 11-year-old girl’s introduction to electric scooters. It’s easy to see why it’s favored for delivering a thrilling ride without compromising on safety.


LINGTENG Electric Scooter

We believe this LINGTENG Electric Scooter hits the sweet spot for safety, fun, and style, making it a stellar gift for any 11-year-old girl.


  • Easy to handle with adjustable height and speed
  • Enhanced safety with a start-up assist and foot brake
  • Flashing wheels and deck lights add fun and visibility


  • Weight limit caps at 110 pounds
  • Battery life may vary with usage intensity
  • Limited information on charger replacement

The LINGTENG Electric Scooter provided our team a glimpse into the world of kid-friendly e-scooters and emerged as an appealing choice. It’s lightweight, manageable, and full of features that assure a good blend of enjoyment and safety. The adjustable height and speed mean it grows with your child, offering a level of versatility that we appreciate.

Safety is a priority with this scooter. The innovative start-up assist ensures the motor kicks in only when your child is ready to roll, which eases our concerns about accidental start-ups. The dual-function rear wheel, serving as both fender and foot brake, offers a reliable way to slow down, giving us confidence in the scooter’s safety features.

Riding at dusk, the PU flash wheels and pedal lights aren’t just cool to look at, they make the scooter more visible. It’s these thoughtful touches that cement the LINGTENG Electric Scooter’s place as a top pick for us. It’s not just about getting from A to B; it’s about enjoying every minute safely and in style.

Aero Big Wheel Scooter

Aero Big Wheel Scooter

We found the Aero Big Wheel Scooter to be a superb choice for 11-year-old girls, offering stability and a smooth ride, with the added convenience of being foldable for easy storage.


  • Sturdy and safe, with a weight limit accommodating even some adults
  • Adjustable height and foldable design for growing kids and portability
  • Large wheels and suspension ensure a smooth ride on various surfaces


  • May be heavier than some scooters, challenging for younger riders
  • Limited color options can be a downside for those seeking personalization
  • Assembly required, which might require adult supervision

Our time with the Aero Big Wheel Scooter was gratifying. Gliding effortlessly around the block, we appreciated the smooth ride thanks to the large wheels and suspension system, making it notably comfortable over uneven sidewalks.

The scooter’s foldable nature was a major plus, allowing us to stow it away neatly. The adjustable height of the handlebars was a cinch to change, ensuring a perfect fit as kids grow taller.

We noted that despite its robust build, the scooter might be on the heavier side for some younger riders, but this weight is a testament to its solid construction. Switching between riding and carrying when needed, the heft was noticeable but manageable.

In all, the Aero Big Wheel Scooter is a reliable companion for outdoor fun, striking a balance between fun and functionality that’s hard to beat.

Razor E100 Glow Scooter

Razor E100 Glow

We believe the Razor E100 Glow is a brilliant choice for your 11-year-old girl as it combines safety with a touch of pizzazz that lights up her rides.


  • Provides a stable ride with a pneumatic front tire.
  • Features a fun LED light-up deck for visibility and style.
  • Offers decent ride time with up to 40 minutes of continuous use.


  • Requires a kick to start, which may need some getting used to.
  • Limited to a rider weight of 120 pounds, so might not suit everyone.
  • A longer charging time may require planning between rides.

The excitement in her eyes when she saw the Razor E100 Glow Scooter light up was something to remember. The LED deck added that extra bit of flair she adores, turning her evening rides into a twinkle-filled experience. On the practical side, the scooter’s robust pneumatic front tire handled the pavements and small bumps easily, giving us peace of mind about her comfort and the scooter’s durability.

Handling this scooter couldn’t be more straightforward. The twist-grip throttle controls the speed, so she quickly got the hang of managing her pace. While she needed a few tries to master the kick-start mechanism, it soon became second nature. Plus, the hand-operated brake provided her with the necessary stopping power for a safe ride every time.

Reflecting on the 40-minute ride time, we found it ample for her local adventures. However, we did have to remind her to recharge the scooter in advance, since the 12-hour charging time meant she couldn’t just hop on and go. The weight limit also implies she’ll outgrow the Razor E100 Glow, but for now, it’s the perfect companion for her outdoor jaunts.

Buying Guide

When we’re in the market for an electric scooter for an 11-year-old girl, it’s crucial to assess various features that ensure the scooter is safe, durable, and appropriate for her age. Below we’ve outlined some key factors that we should consider.

Safety Features

  • Brakes: Opt for scooters with reliable braking systems, such as hand-operated or rear-fender brakes.
  • Speed Control: Look for models with adjustable speed settings to match her skill level.
  • Stability: Choose scooters with a wide base and low center of gravity for better balance.

Durability and Build

  • Frame Material: Prioritize scooters made from high-quality materials like aluminum or steel to withstand regular use.
  • Tires: Solid or air-filled tires can offer a smooth ride; consider the local terrain in your choice.

Ease of Use

  • Weight: Ensure the scooter isn’t too heavy for her to maneuver.
  • Foldability: A foldable design can make storage and transport much simpler.


  • Battery Life: Check for a long-lasting battery to maximize riding time.
  • Motor Power: Ensure the motor is powerful enough to handle her typical routes.

Additional Considerations

  • Weight Limit: Verify that the scooter can comfortably support her weight.
  • Adjustability: Look for a handlebar height that’s adjustable to grow with her.

By keeping these considerations in mind, we can select an electric scooter that provides a balance of enjoyment and safety for an 11-year-old girl.

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