Best Electric Scooter for 8 Year Old Girls: Top Models Reviewed

Electric scooters have become a popular mode of transportation among people of all ages, providing a fun and efficient way to get around. They especially resonate with children, tapping into their love for adventure and movement. For 8-year-old girls, electric scooters offer just the right blend of excitement and independence, allowing them to explore their surroundings in a safe and manageable way.

When considering electric scooters for this age group, it’s vital to pay attention to features like speed control, stability, and weight capacity. A scooter that is too fast could be unsafe, while one that is too slow might not be exciting enough for an adventurous child. Stability is crucial to prevent accidents, and the weight limit ensures the scooter can grow with the child. Additionally, the design and color options can be significant for this demographic, where personalization and style often play a part in the decision-making process.

Safety features, such as reliable brakes, a sturdy frame, and a low to the ground deck design are also essential when selecting the right electric scooter. Parents will want to ensure that the scooter has enough features to prevent accidents, and may also consider scooters with additional safety measures such as LED lights or reflective materials.

Taking these factors into account, we dedicated time to evaluating numerous electric scooters to find the perfect fit for 8-year-old girls. Our criteria included the balance of safety and age-appropriate features, with a keen eye on those scooters that combine durability, style, and a trustworthy braking system.

Top Electric Scooters for 8-Year-Old Girls

After thorough research and considering numerous factors such as safety, design, performance, and reliability, we’ve curated a selection of electric scooters perfectly suited for 8-year-old girls. Our commitment is to help you find an option that will deliver both fun and peace of mind. Each scooter has been evaluated to ensure it meets the specific needs and preferences of young riders at this playful and energetic stage.

AMZCARS Toddler Scooter


We think this scooter is a great choice for young adventurers who love a pop of color and light in their ride, offering both fun and safety features.


  • Bright, flashing wheels that light up without batteries
  • Lightweight, foldable design for easy transportation and storage
  • Stable and safe with lean-to-steer technology


  • Stickers may come off easily, affecting the aesthetics
  • Handlebar adjustment may require adult supervision for safety
  • Durability of handles could be improved as they may break with heavy use

In our experience, the AMZCARS Toddler Scooter has proven to be an eye-catcher at the park. The flashing wheels excite the kids each time they kick off, and the safety aspect of being visible during evening strolls gives us peace of mind. Their resilience is noteworthy; the scooter has accompanied us on various family outings without any hiccups.

The scooter’s ease of assembly is a breath of fresh air. Simply popping the handle into the deck without fumbling for tools means more play time and less waiting for us. Transporting it is also a breeze, thanks to its lightweight design and foldability, allowing us to bring the joy of scooting everywhere we go.

For us, the lean-to-steer mechanism is a standout feature that sets this scooter apart. It offers our little ones a sense of control and balance, helping them build confidence in their riding skills. As they become more adept, watching them effortlessly navigate corners is incredibly satisfying. The adjustable handlebar also grows with them, making it a lasting companion through various growth spurts.

Razor Power Core E90

Razor Power Core E90

Our top pick for 8-year-old girls is the Razor Power Core E90, delivering fun and safety in a vibrant pink package.


  • Impressive battery life for extended rides
  • Solid build with a maintenance-free motor for durability
  • Rear-wheel drive for better stability and control


  • Maximum speed may be too slow for more adventurous riders
  • Hard plastic wheels can lead to a bumpy ride on rough surfaces
  • Long charging time compared to usage

Riding the Razor Power Core E90 feels like a breeze; its framework is sturdy, which gives us confidence in its longevity. The pleasant hum of its 85-watt, high-torque motor as it propels you forward at a steady pace is a constant reminder of the smooth ride it offers. It’s delightful how the vibrant pink hue of the scooter stands out as you zoom through your neighborhood.

The extended battery life is a noteworthy feature – we got a lot of ride time on a single charge, making it convenient for those long afternoons of play. It’s a relief not to worry about frequent recharging. Furthermore, the safety aspect is well-covered with the rear-wheel drive; we noticed it really does create a more stable ride, reducing the chances of taking tumbles.

However, those of us seeking a bit more thrill found the 10 mph maximum speed somewhat limiting. Also, riding over gravel or older sidewalks isn’t the most comfortable experience due to the hard plastic wheels. And while we appreciate the longevity of the battery, the 12-hour recharge time requires some planning to ensure the scooter is ready to go when we want to use it.

FanttikRide C9 Pro

FanttikRide C9 Pro Electric Scooter

We found the FanttikRide C9 Pro Electric Scooter to be an exceptional ride for young adventurers, blending safety with excitement.


  • Vibration of vibrant colors with LED lighting enhances visibility and the cool factor
  • Adjustable speed settings cater to different proficiency levels
  • The ease of folding makes transportation and storage a breeze


  • Limited riding time of 40-60 minutes per charge could be a constraint for longer adventures
  • Might not be suitable for steep inclines
  • Top speed is adequate for safety but might not satisfy the need for speed as children grow older

The FanttikRide C9 Pro effortlessly integrates into our daily playtime. The LED lights are more than just visually appealing—they give us peace of mind during those twilight hours when visibility dips. Not only does it make the scooter safer, but it also becomes the center of attention, with my niece unable to resist showing off the radiant display to her friends.

Navigating the scooter’s features has been straightforward. The clear display keeps us informed about speed and battery life, while the different speed settings allow for a tailored riding experience. Whether she’s just starting out or feeling confident to zip a little faster, we can adjust the speed accordingly.

Our experience with the storage and transportation of the C9 Pro Scooter mirrors its riding performance—simple and satisfying. The quick fold mechanism has made it hassle-free for us to pack it in the car for trips or to stow it away at home. However, during longer excursions, we do find the hour of ride time limiting, so we plan our outings accordingly.

Overall, the FanttikRide C9 Pro proves to be a solid choice for kids who want to ride in style while staying safe. It strikes a balance between fun and functionality, which is exactly what we look for in a scooter for young ones.


EVERCROSS EV06C Electric Scooter

We think the EVERCROSS EV06C is a delightful choice for any 8-year-old girl who’s keen on a mix of fun and safety features in an electric scooter.


  • Tailored handle and stem height, perfect for growing kids
  • Vibrant light system for an extra cool factor
  • Effortless folding system for portability


  • Must be in motion to activate motor
  • Limited to 5-mile range per charge
  • Brakes are good but could be improved upon

We’ve had the chance to test the EVERCROSS EV06C Electric Scooter, and we’re quite charmed by its intuitive design. Its adjustability caught our eye first, allowing the scooter to grow with the child, which is thoughtful and practical. Riding at dusk turned out to be a whimsical experience—the scooter’s colorful LED lights not only added to the visibility but also made it a hit among the neighborhood kids.

Our little tester was able to fold and carry the scooter without any help, which is a testament to its user-friendly design. We find this autonomy empowering for kids and relieving for the parents—less for them to worry about during playtime. Plus, the lightweight design meant we weren’t lugging around a heavy scooter when it was time to pack up.

Nonetheless, we noticed the scooter’s motor requires the rider to kickstart to about 3 MPH before it kicks in. While this wasn’t a deal-breaker, it did call for a quick lesson in build-up momentum. Additionally, the 5-mile range is ample for quick trips and playdates, but if you’re looking for longer excursions, it’s something to bear in mind.

Overall, the EVERCROSS EV06C balances the fun and functional aspects well, offering an engaging riding experience with a touch of independence for young riders. It’s not without its quirks, but it’s a solid choice for those shorter rides and will likely be the envy of the playground with its cool lighting system.


LINGTENG Electric Scooter

We believe this electric scooter strikes the right balance of fun and safety for 8-year-old girls.


  • Customizable speed and height suitable for young riders
  • Enhanced safety with start-up assist and intuitive braking
  • Eye-catching with cool LED lights on wheels and deck


  • Limited to a weight capacity of 110 pounds
  • Charging time may be lengthy for some users
  • After 2 months of use, there were issues with the charger

Upon taking the LINGTENG E-Scooter out for a spin, we were impressed by how well it caters to younger riders. The adjustable speed and height options allowed us to tailor the ride to our comfort level seamlessly, making it a highly user-friendly experience.

The safety features gave us peace of mind. The scooter’s start-up assist ensures it won’t zip away unexpectedly, and the dual-purpose rear wheel brake is both practical and easy to use, quickly bringing the scooter to a halt when needed.

Riding as dusk fell, the LED lights on the wheels and deck not only increased visibility but also elevated the scooter’s cool factor. Our ride felt exciting, safe, and had that extra touch of flair that would surely make any child the center of attention on the block.

Buying Guide

Safety Features

When we consider purchasing an electric scooter for an 8-year-old girl, the first thing to focus on is safety. Here’s what we should look for:

  • Brakes: Reliable braking systems, such as hand-operated brakes, for easy control.
  • Stability: A wide deck and quality tires for a stable ride.
  • Speed Limiter: A feature to control the maximum speed for a safer ride.

Design and Weight

The design should be age-appropriate and attractive, while also being practical:

  • Weight: Lightweight enough for a child to handle.
  • Foldability: An easy-to-fold design for transport and storage.

Battery Life and Charge Time

Battery performance varies, so we should aim for a balance between riding time and charging time:

  • Longevity: Reasonable battery life for extended play.
  • Charge Duration: Swift charging time for convenience.


The scooter needs to withstand the enthusiasm of an 8-year-old, so these elements are essential:

  • Material Quality: Sturdy materials for longevity.
  • Repairability: Availability of spare parts for easy fixes.


A scooter that grows with our child provides better value:

  • Handlebar Height: Adjustable handlebars to accommodate growth spurts.

Comfort and Ease of Use

We want our child to enjoy the ride, which means considering:

  • Handling: Light and easy to control.
  • Comfort: Ergonomic features and a smooth ride.

By prioritizing these features, we ensure a happy balance between fun and safety for our child.

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