Best Scooter for 6 Year Old Girls: 2023 Top Picks and Reviews

Scooters have become a popular mode of play for children, offering a fun way to develop balance, coordination, and motor skills. They come in various designs, from simple, three-wheeled models suitable for beginners to more complex, stunt-oriented two-wheelers for the more adventurous. For a 6-year-old girl, a scooter is both a toy and a tool for physical activity, often bridging the gap between playtime and learning basic athletic skills.

When selecting the best scooter for a 6-year-old girl, safety and adjustability are paramount. A scooter with a stable platform and a weight capacity that accommodates growing children can provide years of enjoyment and use. The handlebars should be adjustable to grow with the child, and the construction should be robust enough to withstand regular use and the inevitable knocks and falls that come with learning.

We must also consider the ease of use, as a scooter that’s difficult to steer or too heavy may discourage a child from using it. Additional features like LED-lit wheels or themed decorations can make a particular model more appealing, but shouldn’t overshadow the importance of functionality and safety.

Investing in the right scooter equips a child with more than just a toy—it’s an investment in their physical development and independence. Choosing a scooter with the right blend of safety, adjustability, and fun can make all the difference. Our research and hands-on tests of various models help us discern which scooters meet our high standards for quality and enjoyment.

Top Pick Scooters for 6-Year-Old Girls

We understand the importance of finding the perfect scooter for a 6-year-old girl, one that balances safety, ease of use, and fun. Our carefully curated selection below represents the best scooters on the market that meet these criteria. From adjustable handles and sturdy frames to eye-catching designs and smooth-riding wheels, we’ve got options that will delight any young rider.

Aero Kids Light-Up Scooter

Aero Kids Scooter

We think the Aero Kids Light-Up Scooter could be an excellent choice for your young adventurer, offering smooth rides and loads of fun.


  • Gorgeous, dynamic RGB lights captivate and ensure visibility during evening rides.
  • Adjustable height and foldable design accommodate growing children and allow for easy storage.
  • Rear brake enhances safety, contributing to a worry-free experience.


  • The power button’s placement could be more convenient.
  • Folding mechanism, while useful, might be tricky for kids to operate without assistance.
  • Handlebar height, although adjustable, may still be short for taller kids.

Upon gliding around the neighborhood with this scooter, we were immediately taken by the stunning display of lights. It’s not just about the looks; the non-slip deck and ergonomic handle made for a secure, comfortable grip, something we always prioritize for kids.

The height adjustability meant that kids of various sizes could enjoy this scooter. We could see how it “grew” with the child, lending to its long-term value. While zipping through the park, we noticed several heads turn, attracted by the flashy, light-up wheels.

While the folding feature proved handy for transport, some of us found it slightly cumbersome. We would recommend showing your child how it works or helping them when needed. Additionally, some taller children might outgrow the maximum handle height sooner than expected, so keep that in mind.

Overall, this scooter struck us as a stellar combination of safety, fun, and longevity. It’s clear that AERO MOBILITY had both parents’ and kids’ best interests in mind when designing this product.

BELEEV Pink Scooter

BELEEV Pink Scooter

If you’re in the market for a vibrant and robust scooter for a young girl, we find the BELEEV Pink Scooter to be a delightful choice due to its easy-to-use features and glowing wheels.


  • Adjustable height handles growing kids well
  • The glowing wheels are an absolute hit during twilight rides
  • Folding mechanism simplifies transport and storage


  • Kickstand might feel flimsy to some
  • Light intensity on wheels may vary with speed
  • Folding may require a bit of strength, challenging for some kids

Getting our hands on the BELEEV Pink Scooter, it was easy to see its appeal. Even before igniting the pavement with the LED light-up wheels, the vivacious pink hue caught our eye. We appreciated the adjustable handlebar, a feature that promises not just months but years of compatibility as your child grows.

During the ride, we noticed the wheels began to dazzle with an array of colors, a feature that especially stood out at dusk. This not only made the ride seem magical but also added a layer of visibility, an attribute we staunchly support for safety.

Not everything, however, soared as high as the scooter’s colors. While parking it we noticed the kickstand didn’t inspire the same confidence as the rest of the scooter – it did its job but felt a touch fragile. Also, the light intensity of the wheels might not meet everyone’s expectations, as it’s dependent on the speed of the scooter.

Folding the scooter for the first time, it struck us that some children might find the process slightly challenging – a small hurdle but worth mentioning for parents planning to take the scooter on the go. Once folded, though, it proved its worth in portability, easily fitting into the car and making it a nice companion for family outings.

All things considered, we’re confident the BELEEV Pink Scooter would be a beautiful fit for any active 6-year-old girl ready to zip around the neighborhood with a mix of safety, fun, and style.

AMZCARS Toddler Scooter

AMZCARS Toddler Scooter

In our experience, this is a fantastic scooter for young riders, combining safety, fun, and a design that grows with them.


  • Engaging flashing wheels that require no batteries
  • Hassle-free portability with foldable design
  • Intuitive lean-to-steer system improves balance


  • Stickers may not be durable
  • Handle grips could be prone to damage
  • May require supervision for very young riders

After recently trying out the AMZCARS Toddler Scooter, we’re impressed with its performance. The wide, flashing wheels instantly grabbed attention, and they didn’t just add to the visual appeal – they enhanced visibility for those evening rides. The fact that the wheels light up more vibrantly with increased speed is a stroke of genius, no batteries needed!

The scooter’s portability is a real advantage. It’s lightweight enough to carry without any struggle, and the foldable design is a breeze to use. Bringing it along to the park was so easy, and storage is equally simple. You just press the button to collapse it, and it fits snugly in the trunk – we found that parents and kids alike will appreciate this feature.

The scooter’s adjustable handlebar grabbed our attention because it means the scooter grows with your child. You won’t be shopping for a new scooter next year; this one adjusts to keep pace with your little one’s growth spurts. We must admit, the lean-to-steer technology also made us feel like we’re helping kids develop their motor skills while they have fun – all it took was a gentle lean, and the scooter smoothly turned in the desired direction, no sharp jerks or wobbles.

Overall, we found the AMZCARS Toddler Scooter to be a well-thought-out ride for kids that’s safe, fun, and practical for families on the move.

DaddyChild Mini Scooter

DaddyChild Mini Scooter

We think this scooter is an excellent purchase for its safety features and fun light-up wheels that children adore.


  • The lean-to-steer design promotes balance and safe turning
  • Incorporates light-up wheels that activate with movement, making it exciting
  • Height adjustable handlebar ensures years of usage as your child grows


  • The deck might be small for larger children
  • Only suitable up until age 8, so not for long-term use
  • Brake requires supervision for younger kids to use safely

Engaging rides around the neighborhood just got more exciting for our little ones with this scooter. Its lean-to-steer mechanism has made it easy for kids to navigate turns while naturally building their balance and coordination. As we’ve observed, this design is particularly beneficial for beginners who are still developing these skills.

The light-up wheels of this scooter have proven to be a standout feature, catching the attention and sparking the imagination of every child as they zoom by. Our experiences showed that these flashing wheels offer an added element of fun while increasing visibility during those early evening scoots.

One aspect we greatly appreciate is the adjustable handlebar. It’s a breeze to modify the height, allowing this scooter to grow with your child over several years. Whether they are just hitting the recommended age or are a bit older, this scooter can adapt to their size with ease.

Using the scooter has been straightforward and delightfully smooth. The construction feels sturdy and stable, offering parents reassurance about their child’s safety while riding. However, the brake system, while easy to use, might require some initial supervision for the younger riders to ensure they can stop safely when they need to.

Overall, this DaddyChild scooter hits the mark for kids who are eager to scoot around with a bit of flair, thanks to its shimmering wheels, and parents who prioritize safety and longevity in a child’s ride-on toy.

Skidee Scooter for Kids

Skidee Toddler Scooter

We think the Skidee Scooter is a fantastic choice for 6-year-old girls with its fun light-up wheels and adaptable seating options.


  • Dual-mode design allowing for sitting and standing scooter experiences
  • Effortless transition between sitting and stand-up riding enhances skill development
  • Vibrant, light-up wheels excite children and improve visibility in low-light


  • A limited weight capacity of 110 pounds, not suitable for all kids
  • Possible durability concerns over time with heavy use
  • The scent of the product may vary depending on packaging and storage

From our experience, the Skidee Scooter stands out with its versatility. It accommodates the varied needs of young children as they grow. Whether they prefer sitting or standing while scooting, this scooter grows with them, thanks to the adjustable and detachable seat. The ease with which they can switch from sitting to standing is not only intuitive but also supports their developing coordination.

The light-up wheels are a definitive highlight, sparking pure joy in the kids. Aside from the fun factor, these luminous wheels are practical for evening strolls, adding an extra layer of safety by making the scooter more visible. Given our experience, the lights have the dual benefit of delighting kids and calming parents’ safety concerns.

Lastly, the Skidee Scooter seems to have a sturdy build quality, reassuring us of its longevity. The aluminum frame withstands the wear and tear of daily play, making it a solid investment for outdoor fun. After our extensive use, it’s the folding mechanism and portability that seal the deal, making it a breeze to carry along on family outings or store away neatly at home.

Buying Guide

When selecting a scooter for a 6-year-old girl, we must first consider the scooter’s safety features. Look for models with a wide base for stability and rear foot brakes. Adjustable handlebars will allow the scooter to grow with her.

Safety Features

  • A low deck for ease of riding
  • Non-slip deck surface
  • Durable brakes, preferably rear fender

Adjustable Components

  • Handlebars that adjust to her height
  • Extendable usage as she grows


Wheels are crucial for smooth riding. For beginners, we should opt for scooters with larger wheels as they offer better stability.

Wheel Types

PolyurethaneDurable, smooth ride
RubberGrip on various surfaces

Lastly, we must consider the portability and weight of the scooter. A lightweight model ensures that it’s easy for her to maneuver and carry when necessary. Foldable designs also add the convenience of storage and transport.

Portability and Weight

  • Light enough to carry effortlessly
  • Foldable for easy storage and portability

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